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Ruby's require, autoload and load methods

5b7ac75124cebf11ff0de894b365198e?s=47 DonSchado
January 15, 2014

Ruby's require, autoload and load methods

Autoload is a nice feature, but it's good to know the difference when you begin using multiple files in your projects.



January 15, 2014


  1. require autoload load @donschado | 15.01.2014


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  10. Matz (2011) "discourage the use of autoload" [...] autoload itself

    has fundamental flaw under multi-thread environment. I should have remove autoload when I added threads to the language. ! [...] I hereby declare the future deprecation of autoload. Ruby will keep autoload for a while, since 2.0 should keep compatibility to 1.9.
 But you don't expect it will survive further future, e.g. 3.0. I strongly discourage the use of autoload in any standard libraries. ”
  11. ”Peter Cooper: I'll be taking the "cross that bridge when

    I get to it" approach What I think after some research... I‘m full of autoload 
 because the lazy loading feature is awesome...