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Rails Girls: Programming, Web Applications and Ruby on Rails

Rails Girls: Programming, Web Applications and Ruby on Rails

All the Buzzwords for the Workshop in about 30 minutes


May 24, 2014

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  1. Programming, ! Web Applications ! and Ruby on Rails Marco

    Schaden! @donschado Saturday 24th May 2014
  2. Buzzwords! Web Application Ruby Rails Programming HTTP MVC Model View

    Controller Request Response Server Protocol ? ? ? ? ? ? ? HTML all the stuff in 30 minutes
  3. Not necessarily, but… communication: express your thoughts! and ideas properly

    passion: care about what you’re doing ! and be curious how things work research: read documentation, ! consult others or! just google it! problem solving: read the error messages ! and be hungry to solve issues + patience
  4. Why Ruby? Yukihiro Matsumoto ! (Matz) Ruby is designed to

    be human- oriented. It reduces the burden of programming. It tries to push jobs back to machines.! ! You can accomplish more tasks with less work, in smaller yet readable code. "Matz is nice so we are nice"
  5. Web Application ? "A web application is a program that

    is displayed in a web browser. * Web applications are usually stored (and executed) on a web server. They can be accessed through the Internet 
 via a communication protocol such as HTTP. " 
 – Wikipedia
  6. your computer! running a browser of your choice a web

    server ! somewhere on the internet! running a web application
  7. David Heinemeier Hansson! (DHH) Why Rails? Rails is an attempt

    to mold the beauty and productiveness of Ruby into a framework for web applications. Rails emphasizes principles such as:! • convention over configuration! • don't repeat yourself (DRY)! • model - view - controller architecture (MVC) http://contributors.rubyonrails.org/ http://rubyonrails.org/ *over 3000 people have contributed:
  8. Database * create_table "posts" do |t|! t.text "content"! t.integer "user_id"!

    t.datetime "created_at"! t.datetime "updated_at"! end!
  9. View
 <h1>Das neuste aus ...$</h1>! ! <ul>$ $$<%[email protected]$do$|post|$%>0 ! !

    ! ! ! 00<%0end0%>$ </ul>$ <li>$ $$<%=$image_tag(post.user.avatar)$%>$ $$<%=$post.user.name$%>$ $$<%=$post.content$%>$ </li>
  10. Response (HTML)*
 <html lang="en">! <head>! <title>Facebook Lite</title>! <link href="/assets/application.css" media="all"

    rel="stylesheet">! <script src="/assets/application.js"></script>! </head>! <body>! <div>! <h1>Das Neuste aus dem ganzen Netzwerk</h1>! <ul>! <li>! <img src="https://somewhere.github.com/1062e0f.png">! <h4>Liane<small>19 Nov 20:32</small></h4>! <p>Ich bin hier!!!</p>! </li>! <li>! <img src="https://somwhere.github.com/fa47a113f69.png">! <h4>Marco<small>19 Nov 20:02</small></h4>! <p>Hallo, ist da wer?</p>! </li>! <li>! <img src="https://somwhere.github.com/fa47a113f69.png">! <h4>Marco<small>19 Nov 19:02</small></h4>! <p>Hallo Welt!</p>! </li>! </ul>! </div>! </body>! </html>
  11. All The Tools You Need: A Text Editor for writing

    code and editing files. The Terminal (known as Command Prompt)! Where you start the rails server and run commands. A Web Browser (Firefox, Safari, Chrome,…) 
 for viewing and interacting with your application. Ruby, the amazing programming language we love Rails, the framework for building web applications
  12. Have fun!! Enjoy your workshop!! Ask the coaches! http://tryruby.org Now

    let’s start coding! 1 http://guides.railsgirls.com/app 2