DeltaV Conference 2018: Where are the women?

DeltaV Conference 2018: Where are the women?

Slides from my talk @ DeltaV 2018, on understanding and beginning to fix the diversity issue in technology and beyond.

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Dora Militaru

May 11, 2018


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    quotas may be the only way of achieving, eventually, a

    world where [quotas] are obsolete. laurie penny
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    as someone outside of your company I don’t give a

    flying if it needs me or people like me to be better itself. alice bartlett
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    the widespread diversity lip-service has to end. purpose is nothing

    without considerate implementation. karolina szcur
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    [mass noun] the action or state of including or of

    being included within a group or structure inclusion /ɪnˈkluːʒ(ə)n/
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    @doramilitaru check your bias reach out hire people who care

    tolerating diversity is not the same as embracing it
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    ❤ Denyse Mitterhofer, Julie Wierd, Csaba Klement, Nicky Rojo, Tim

    Lahan, Jim Cooke, Jacqueline Jing Lin, Alexander Lansang, Laura Salaberry, Kyle Sauer, Mauro Gatti, Meltem Şahin, Libby Van Der Ploeg, Mighty Oak, Malaea Relampagos, Neryan Keywan, Ida Brogren