DotNetDay18: C# Scripting in the .NET Core World by Filip Wojcieszyn

DotNetDay18: C# Scripting in the .NET Core World by Filip Wojcieszyn

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While still being relatively niche, over the recent years C# scripting (yes - C# without the explicit compilation step!) has grown to become a first class citizen in the Roslyn compiler and can now be enjoyed in your applications in various ways. Together, we will dissect what’s going on under the hood in C# scripting and how you can make use of it in the cross platform, lightweight, .NET Core world (which, by the way, creates a perfect environment for low ceremony C# scripting). We'll also have a look at scripting via the new .NET CLI, how you can integrate it into your everyday development workflows and how you can debug the script assemblies.



May 29, 2018


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