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Yes We Did: Reelecting Obama.

Daniel Ryan
January 23, 2013

Yes We Did: Reelecting Obama.

Presentation by Josh Higgins (Former Creative Director at Obama for America) and Daniel Ryan (Former Director of Front-end Development for Obama for America) on how design and development collaborated to help win the 2012 election.

Daniel Ryan

January 23, 2013

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  1. WHO WE ARE Josh Higgins Creative Director Daniel Ryan Director

    of Front-end Development • Previously a freelance developer • Started developing in 1998 • Advisor to 48 Hour Launch • Mentor at Create-a-thon on Campus • Advertising & Branding Chair for YPAC • Thirteen years in the industry • AIGA San Diego Board of Directors • Founder of The Haiti Poster Project, and the So-Cal Poster Project • Founder of Phonography
  2. BUILDING THE PROCESS • Creative projects aren’t built on an

    assembly line • Collaboration from conception to launch • Constant communication and feedback • Define “success” from the beginning
  3. CASE STUDY: ACA TOOL The challenge: Represent the benefits of

    Obamacare to every household 600 different user input combinations resulting in 2 dozen possible outcome Collaborate with project managers, designers, developers, policy experts, press staff, researchers and senior staff Make it responsive and embeddable on any website
  4. FUNDRAISING: DATA DRIVEN “We are going to measure every single

    thing in this campaign” - Jim Messina, Campaign Manager
  5. FUNDRAISING: WHY WE WENT RESPONSIVE 0 5,000,000 10,000,000 15,000,000 20,000,000

    25,000,000 30,000,000 Apr 2011 Jun 2011 Aug 2011 Oct 2011 Dec 2011 Feb 2012 Apr 2012 Jun 2012 Aug 2012 Oct 2012 Mobile traffic trippled over the course of the campaign Source: Google Analytics
  6. FUNDRAISING: WHY WE WENT RESPONSIVE Source: Pew Research Center 17%

    48% 35% Overall US Cell Phone Ownership Owns smartphone Owns feature phone Does not own cellphone
  7. FUNDRAISING: WHY WE WENT RESPONSIVE Source: Pew Research Center 0

    20 40 60 80 100 Affluent 18-24 Ethnic minority Demographic breakdown of smartphone owners
  8. FUNDRAISING: WHY WE WENT RESPONSIVE Source: Pew Research Center 25%

    of all smartphone owners only access the Internet via their phone
  9. FUNDRAISING: TESTING • Ask a question: Does the color of

    a button on a form affect conversion rates? • Pose a hypothesis: Positive colors like green or blue will positively affect conversion rates. • Do an experiment • Analyze the results: Any button color but red works.
  10. FUNDRAISING: TESTING METHODOLOGIES • We generated over half a billion

    Google Analytics custom events • We ran almost 1,000 A/B tests to millions of visitors