[WNYRuby/Buffalo PHP] Ruby and PHP, Sitting in a tree: C.O.D.I.N.G.

[WNYRuby/Buffalo PHP] Ruby and PHP, Sitting in a tree: C.O.D.I.N.G.

Every day I meet Ruby developers who are still using PHP on a daily basis, either professionally or for fun — this talk aims to showcase some of its latest features that you might have missed which can make your life easier.

If the last time you looked at PHPs release notes they had recently released a revamped object model, you’ve missed out on a lot. PHP has grown up and it’s time for the way you work with it to mature also.

Best practices, mature tooling, and fancy new features all come together to make PHP a very different language to what you might have left behind.

Who knows, perhaps you’ll fall in like with it all over again.


Davey Shafik

December 10, 2013