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Node.js in the Enterprise

Dan Shaw
November 07, 2015

Node.js in the Enterprise

The story of how Enterprise adoption has spread through Node.js, why it is important and how NodeSource is specifically targeting the needs of the enterprise with products, services and support.

Dan Shaw

November 07, 2015

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  1. © 2015 NodeSource Why so angry, dshaw? 2 Dan Shaw

    CTO and Co-Founder of NodeSource. Node.js startup veteran: 
 Storify, Spreecast, Voxer, ClassDojo. Podcast host of NodeUp. Created NodeBots Day, NodeBots SF, SFNode, and EnterpriseJS. Before Node.js did large-scale contracting
 in Defense, Health Care and Education. 
 Primarily Java backend and JavaScript frontend.
  2. © 2015 NodeSource 3 NodeSource is the Enterprise Node.js company

    offering products, services and support focused on the needs of Enterprise Node.js developers and operations teams.
  3. © 2015 NodeSource Netflix 8 “In general, most of the

    [Node] story for us is still about enabling UI engineers to be more productive, by using the same language on the client and server-side. This, coupled with the focus on small modules and reusability and has been a huge boost in productivity.” -- Netflix Director of UI Engineering, Chris Saint-Amant
  4. © 2015 NodeSource PayPal 10 • 80+ Node applications in

    production and “growing 
 every month” • 800 active Node.js application developers • From 0% to 51% of all website traffic is all handled 
 by Node.js in just over 2 years • Developer satisfaction is incredible amongst Node.js teams
  5. © 2015 NodeSource Condé Nast 12 • A full “End-to-End”

    Node shop • Built an efficient, scalable and usable Node-based CMS 
 for all Conde Nast publications • “Call Me Caitlin” article saw 50x more traffic than previous all time high for vanityfair.com - not a single node server went down
  6. © 2015 NodeSource Intuit 14 “Current challenge for Intuit is

    to break up a monolithic 20-year old app. Moving to back-end services [was] not enough. Node provided the ability to inject vertical slices of new functionality, slowly replacing the monolith from the inside.” -- Intuit Chief Architect Alex Balazs
  7. © 2015 NodeSource Intuit 15 • Front-end engineers are much

    more productive developing in JavaScript and Node, as opposed to compile/ deploy model of Java services • 30 million customers have already run through Node.js front-end • This year, Intuit is rewriting 4x more user experience [code] then ever before in a single season, with higher quality “thanks to Node”
  8. © 2015 NodeSource Who? Node.js in the Enterprise 16 Well,

    almost that Enterprise! "At NASA, mission-critical code is the rule, not the exception. Our astronauts put their lives in the hands of our software on every mission. As we transition from a legacy environment to a modern Node-based architecture, N|Solid, along with the support of NodeSource, is proving invaluable by allowing us to scale rapidly while staying focused on our core mission.” Collin Estes, Chief Architect MRI Technologies Inc. - NASA
  9. © 2015 NodeSource How? Node.js in the Enterprise 21 Before

    founding NodeSource, 
 the #1 question we heard was, “Where are the Enterprise 
 tools for Node.js?”
  10. ©2015 NodeSource 22 Protect your project and serve your team

    when it matters. N|Support - The Expertise
  11. ©2015 NodeSource 23 Ship quality code to your data center

    with determinism and reliability. N|Ship - The Curator
  12. © 2015 NodeSource How? Node.js in the Enterprise 25 NodeSource

    Helps Reduce Risk We work with companies in every vertical, 
 of every size and any position along the Node Maturity Curve to help them remove the risk associated with bringing in a new technology 
 to drive change.