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Keys to Success: How a small French university manages and supports Sakai CLE


Published June 3, 2013 in Technology

ULCO, with about 10,000 students, is shared between several cities in the north of France and covers the four broad fields excluding Health Sciences.

Due to a small team, which manage Sakai CLE, some choices had to be made: support for users, decentralization of workspaces administration, etc.

We will show the various developments: interfacing with LDAP, integration of PmWiki, adding social networking profile, LaTeX generator, editing and creating roles, etc.

We present a return on our uses, showing the positive points of CLE: matrix navigation, roles modulation, communication tools, etc. However, we will also discuss some obstacles such as francization, the impossibility to automate some tasks, or the inflation of the database.

Although CLE is used as a majority in blended mode, we also have a full remote training and several uses in project mode. It allowed us to evaluate the platform, from the point of view of users. We present our vision of the use and expected evolutions.