Planning for a Post-Mobile World

Planning for a Post-Mobile World


Jeff Eaton

June 06, 2012


  1. the post mobile world planning for the future of your

  2. hi. i’m eaton.

  3. mobile is now “All people in the world are going

    to get a smartphone, and for most of them it will be their first computer.” 10% us traffic 50% regional traffic
  4. déjà vu again

  5. déjà vu again

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  7. déjà vu again

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  9. déjà vu again ?

  10. prepare for post mobile

  11. enterprise

  12. “Rather than thinking primarily about the final presentation —

    publishing web pages, mobile applications or brochures — an information-centric approach focuses on ensuring our data and content are accurate, available, and secure.” 172 agencies 1500 apps
  13. the media - Condé Nast built everything thrice - Financial

    Times uses HTML5 + pay feeds - NPR used C.O.P.E to prepare
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  19. 40,000,000 X-Boxes online Dish TW Comcast DirecTV XBox

  20. your content needs an api.

  21. future proof - Understand your strategy - Decouple content from

    design & markup - Sweat the model first, ignore acronyms - Treat your site like a client - Experiment to discover requirements
  22. and… drupal? - Best of breed content modeling tools -

    Services module & Drupal 8 - Malleable admin interface - Fear WYSIWYG, model carefully
  23. so long, good luck, thank you!

  24. related links Internet stats NPR API metrics Financial Times API plans content-apis-an-npr-case-study/ digital-government/digital-government-strategy.pdf reboot-focuses-on-apis-instead-of-data/
  25. lullabot — you - Case studies, articles, & links

    - Video training for Drupal - Subscription video platform