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Crafting a Rockstar Career

Crafting a Rockstar Career

Crafting a Rockstar Career | EduAnmoldeep | at COMSA installation, GCOEN | 18th September 2023

Anmoldeep Singh Arora

September 18, 2023

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  1. Crafting a Rockstar Career
    With Anmoldeep Singh Arora
    Presentation for e COMSA Installation Ceremony at the Government College of Engineering, Nagpur, on September 18, 2023.
    Dedicated to all the learners,
    attending and out in the world!

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  3. Anmoldeep Singh
    aka CSE Singh
    Developer | Designer | Toastmaster
    - Graduate of Anjuman Polytechnic, Sadar
    - Proud Student of Prof. Anwar Ahsan Sir
    - Graduate of Yeshwantrao Chavan College of
    - Ex GDG Nagpur Lead Organizer
    - Co Lead @ The Hackers Meetup Nagpur
    - Toastmaster from Loyal Toastmasters Club
    - Salesforce Developer at an MNC

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  4. #WhoAmI
    I am from team
    “#I love you 3000”

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  5. Let’s Begin!

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  6. The Whole point starts at Why

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  18. And still doing more
    for the joy of doing it

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  19. Open to Questions :)

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  20. Let's #Connect?
    Anmoldeep Singh
    Developer | Designer | Toastmaster

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  21. Thank You

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