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Christian Grobmeier on Log4j 2

Christian Grobmeier on Log4j 2

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  1. Too much t a s t e . . .

    m a k e s headache! Think on: log4j, logback, JUL, TinyLog, AVSL
  2. Instead: if (logger.isDebugEnabled()) logger.info("Hi, " + u.getA() + “ “

    + u.getB()); Write: logger.info("Hi, {} {} ", u.getA(), u.getB()); API++
  3. @Plugin(name = "Mine", type = "Core", elementType = "appender") public

    class Mine extends AppenderBase { private Mine(String name, Filter f) { super(name, f, null); } public void append(LogEvent e) { … } Plugins
  4. <Configuration> <Appenders> <File name="Grobmeier" fileName="target/mylog.log"> <PatternLayout> <Pattern>%d %C{1.}</Pattern> </PatternLayout> </File>

    </Appenders> <Loggers> <Logger name="com.Bar" level="trace"> <AppenderRef ref="Grobmeier"/> </Logger> Configuration
  5. Again: >18,000,000 messages / second On Solaris 10 (64bit) with

    JDK1.7.0_06, 4-core Xeon X5570 dual CPU @2.93Ghz with hyperthreading switched on (16 virtual cores)
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