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How To Create an Awesome AI-Powered Website Easily (AI For Copywriting)

How To Create an Awesome AI-Powered Website Easily (AI For Copywriting)

In this meetup, I will talk about the power of AI for content creation and how it can help you create engaging content for your website.

The quality of your copywriting makes or breaks your website. If people cannot understand it, they leave. In this talk, I will cover:

- the do's and don'ts of copywriting for the web
- where to get ideas on what to blog about
- how AI can be used to create great content for your website.
- and finally do a live demo on some free (and paid) AI-powered tools to help create your content, both within Elementor itself and on the web

Presented at Elementor Sydney meetup group 07/04/2022.

Elementor Sydney

April 07, 2022

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  1. How to create an awesome AI-Powered website (Copywriting) Elementor Sydney

    7 April 2022
  2. Agenda + 6 pm Start + Welcome & Introductions +

    What’s New? + Today’s Topic + Q&A + 7 pm Finish Please note that this session might be recorded and will be shared with you after the session is terminated. For more information: legal@elementor.com
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    - Organisers
  4. Code of Conduct: https://elementor.com/community/code-of-conduct/ TL;DR Be respectful Code Of Conduct

    & Guidelines
  5. Introduce Yourselves & Your Beverage

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  7. None
  8. My Copywriting skills

  9. Some do’s and don’ts of Copywriting Do + Know and

    converse with your clients + Keep it simple to understand for your clients + Show your expertise and passion for the topic + Check … check … check and edit … edit … edit + Use images Don’t + Copyright / Plagiarise + Talk to Google / “keyword stuff”
  10. Ideas on about what to Blog

  11. Free - 100 feeds, in three folders Pro - From

    $6 per month - 1000 feeds+ and other options FEEDLY.COM
  12. How AI can help you It can + Help you

    improve your language + Give you a starting position It can’t + Do all the writing for you It is used by big corporates to small bloggers
  13. Demo - Some Free and Paid AI tools

  14. peppertype.ai

  15. peppertype.ai

  16. HyperWriteAI.COM

  17. Rytr.me Plagiarismdetector.net (“Funny”) —-----------> Funny: Formal:

  18. Inkforall Demo

  19. Demo’s Rytr.me Bertha.ai

  20. Will you use one, and which one?

  21. None
  22. Q&A

  23. NEXT MONTH May 5, 6pm AET Build A Site In

    30 Mins Using Site Kits