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Building Impactful Teams

Building Impactful Teams

Effective teamwork is crucial to getting things done, and making these teams as impactful as possible amplifies what you can achieve. There are many aspects to successful teams - from hiring good people, facilitating communication and fostering a healthy culture. In this talk we’ll explore the logistics of building and growing great teams, based on experience from working in a fast paced startup and seeing it grow over 18 months from 50 to 320 people.

Presented at Women of Silicon Roundabout 2018


Emma Guy

June 27, 2018

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  1. Building Impactful Teams Emma Guy @emmaguy

  2. None
  3. None
  4. Team #1 ‘All engineers in the whole company’ ~12 people

  5. Team #2 ‘Android team’ 2 engineers, 1 product manager @emmaguy

  6. Team #3 ‘Product team’ Multi discipline, ~10 people @emmaguy

  7. Team #4 ‘Product squad’ Multi discipline, ~5 people @emmaguy

  8. Teams at Monzo

  9. Are cross functional @emmaguy

  10. @emmaguy Subdivide into focused squads

  11. @emmaguy Can be formed as needed

  12. Relentless focus @emmaguy

  13. Own a metric @emmaguy

  14. @emmaguy Have a lot of autonomy

  15. Building the team

  16. Initial phone call Take home exercise Onsite @emmaguy

  17. Will they be great at this job? Will they thrive?

  18. Hiring great people is really hard @emmaguy

  19. Make the process as close to the job as possible

  20. Open exercises are difficult to evaluate @emmaguy

  21. Consider how you ask the question @emmaguy

  22. Calibration of answers is tricky @emmaguy

  23. People are biased @emmaguy

  24. Hire inclusively @emmaguy

  25. Refine the process @emmaguy

  26. Set clear expectations @emmaguy

  27. Culture

  28. @emmaguy “We don’t do that here.” http://thagomizer.com/blog/2017/09/29/we-don-t-do-that-here.html

  29. @emmaguy Concise, to the point Non-judgemental Firm, but polite

  30. Transparency @emmaguy

  31. Feedback @emmaguy

  32. Willingness to take risks “How can we do this in

    half the time?” @emmaguy
  33. Psychological safety @emmaguy https://rework.withgoogle.com/blog/five-keys-to-a-successful-google-team/

  34. Can I take risks without feeling insecure or embarrassed? Can

    I be who I am? @emmaguy
  35. Diversity & Inclusion @emmaguy

  36. Diverse teams build better products @emmaguy

  37. “Hey guys” @emmaguy

  38. If I do not relate to being a “guy”, this

    term actively excludes me every time it is used @emmaguy
  39. @emmaguy

  40. Conclusion

  41. Invest in hiring @emmaguy

  42. Embrace change @emmaguy

  43. Be mindful and empathetic @emmaguy

  44. Thanks! @emmaguy