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Python in Fedora

Python in Fedora

For the Python Language Summit
Coverage: https://lwn.net/Articles/690676/

Petr Viktorin

June 17, 2016

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  1. Python in Fedora Petr Viktorin pviktori@redhat.com Python Language Summit, 2016-05-28

  2. Hello, I'm Petr! Python-Maint team lead Contributor Organizer Mentor

  3. Python 3 in Fedora

  4. fedora.portingdb.xyz Going for 50% packages ported by Fedora 25 (July-August)

  5. Still on Python 2 Desktop toolkits GTK (2 → 3)

    Gimp Inkscape Sugar wxWidgets shiboken/PySide python-xlib Ansible Enterprise Samba FreeIPA Odoo Tryton VCS & Co. Mercurial Bazaar Trac Fedora infra Koji & Bodhi fedmsg tools cobbler pulp (OpenStack) Web (Twisted) ToscaWidgets
  6. Our Porting Guides py3c incl. C Extension porting guide RPM

    Porting Guide Conservative Porting Guide (ETA: summer)
  7. Fedora's System Python

  8. Stdlib by disk size test asyncio email tkinter encodings distutils

    unittest pydoc_data ensurepip ctypes lib2to3 idlelib individual modules
  9. System Python /usr/libexec/system-python Intended for essential system tools & Cloud

    Doesn't include the full standard library Packages can opt in to (and test with) it Precedents Debian's python-minimal already unbundled: tkinter (+idle, turtle), test Future idea for dist-sig: Way for packages to optionally specify stdlib subset?
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