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Extending FreeIPA

Extending FreeIPA

DevConf, Brno, 2014-02-08
NOTE: Most of these are just notes, not shown on screen. See https://github.com/encukou/slides/tree/master/2014-02-08-devconf-extending-freeipa for some details.

Petr Viktorin

February 08, 2014

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  1. EXTENDING FREEIPA Petr Viktorin pviktori@redhat.com DevConf, 2014-02-08

  2. What is FreeIPA?

  3. IPA API UI INSTALL, UPGRADE, MANAGE ipalib plugins backend plugins

    upgrade plugins 389 directory server certificate system http server kerberos system security services daemon BIND dns server sudo PAM sshd $ ipa user-show jwhite User login: jwhite First name: Jaren Last name: White Home directory: /home/jwhite Login shell: /bin/sh Email address: jwhite@ipa.test UID: 1699600004 GID: 1699600004 Account disabled: False Password: False Member of groups: ipausers Kerberos keys available: False JSON-RPC
  4. LDAP Tree structure object classes & attribute types OIDs http://www.zytrax.com/books/ldap/

  5. Extending LDAP Schema install/share/60basev3.ldif Content updating install/updates/40-otp.update ACIs Updater plugins

  6. ipaldap “Object–LDAP mapper” see ipaldap-demo.py

  7. API plugins Objects & Methods ipalib/plugins/user.py

  8. Objects objectclasses, attributes takes_params attribute name (*?+) validators cli_name flags

    - see ipalib.parameters.Param default permissions
  9. Methods run forward execute

  10. Callbacks pre_callback Extra validation, generating random password post_callback Updating other

    entries, tweaking output exc_callback Error handling interactive_prompt_callback Prompting for values
  11. Other “plugins” DS plugins UI facets Tests


  13. A. Extend the core + tweak everything − gotta play

    by the rules B. External plugin + do whatever you want − hic sunt leones
  14. A. Extend the core 1. Say hello 2. File an

    RFE ticket 3. Read General Considerations 4. Write a Design page 5. Submit patches 6. Profit!
  15. B. External plugin 1. Say hello! 2. Write a plugin

    3. Share the plugin 4. Package the plugin 5. Profit!
  16. ?