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Hybrid Conversational Interfaces

Ef3a6e33189b549c34e95699ebc9cbf9?s=47 Eric Marcos
November 23, 2016

Hybrid Conversational Interfaces

Eric Marcos, co-founder at Hubtype, presented the roadmap and challenges of his startup at API Days #getthemsg conference.


Eric Marcos

November 23, 2016


  1. Hybrid Conversational Interfaces Eric Marcos Co-Founder at hubtype.com

  2. Customer support over messaging apps

  3. March 2016

  4. Integrations Ticket management Hubtype’s initial value proposition

  5. Then… Chatbots!

  6. Customer Support Chatbots

  7. Chatflow Hi there! What’s your #ref? Check my order Your

    order will arrive {response.eta} {order_id} {order_id} response Do you need something else? Thanks I had a problem Did we solve your problem? Yes
  8. Chatflows are a convenient simplification that puts the focus on

    your users experience
  9. Lean Chatflows Hi there! What’s your #ref? Your order will

    arrive {response.eta} Do you need something else? Did we solve your problem? Hi there!
  10. Challenges

  11. Creating Chatflows GUI BotSON

  12. Testing Chatflows

  13. …and more • Analytics • A/B Testing • Dealing with

    updates • Discoverability • Complex interactions • External events
  14. None
  15. • Users always prefer humans. • Educate agents for messaging

    apps. • Bots will give superpowers to agents. • Agents will supervise bots. The Human Side
  16. • Focus on solving your users problems, not technology. •

    Create a positive feedback loop between bots and human agents. • Apply the lean methodology also to your customer support messaging strategy. Wrapping up