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Living In The Future With ChatOps

Living In The Future With ChatOps

A quick summary of PagerDuty's chatops journey, starting in 2013 and going to the present day. Video available at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Heo5YtRikds

Eric Sigler

June 18, 2015

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  1. Living in the Future with ChatOps Eric Sigler, Developer Tools,

  2. • lita-dig • lita-whois • lita-wtf • lita-jira • lita-datadog

    • lita-pagerduty • lita-statuspage • lita-kegbot • lita-deploygate
  3. What now? • Getting Started • Two years in, what

    have we learned? • UI Techniques
  4. The Short, Short Version • The original GitHub talk was

    nerd catnip for our Operations Engineers • Suddenly everything could be solved in chatops. • Took a structured approach to it, because early on we realized a few key elements.
  5. Bacteria have culture • It’s going to be part of

    the culture, so: • Needs to be trusted, but allow for ”happy accidents” • Interactivity is key for flow • Stay in context • Don't predetermine what is "safe"
  6. And theeeeen…..? • Find something that can be automated •

    Automate it • Play the long game of learning-by- demonstration • Repeat!
  7. Of course they did. • First production deployment by an

    engineer? • “It’s like living in the future”
  8. <Cut To: Two Years Later> • Cow paths are wonderful

    places to mine for chatops functionality • Think outside the bot • Engineers are evil
  9. “I’m an operations engineer, not a designer!” • Immediate feedback

    is required (even if you don't take action), or the user will go insane • Users will explore the input parameters... • Convention > Configuration • Don't break the user's trust! • watch / stalk • # comments
  10. Bonus OSS round?

  11. Fin eric@pagerduty.com