A Brief Introduction To DevOps

7067ff85573929e5257aa9e9c1069de9?s=47 Eric Sigler
December 15, 2016

A Brief Introduction To DevOps

"You can't buy DevOps in a box" - It's several years on in the movement towards ideas like DevOps, but many out there haven't considered how to start the journey within their own organizations yet.


Eric Sigler

December 15, 2016


  1. @esigler Eric Sigler, Head of DevOps, PagerDuty “A Brief Introduction

    To DevOps”
  2. @esigler “DevOps replaces Agile/ITIL/NOCs”
 “DevOps is incompatible with security”

    is just infrastructure-as-code”
 “DevOps is only for Open Source/SaaS/startups”
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  5. @esigler “Software is eating the world.” Marc Andreessen, 2011

  6. @esigler vs. Release Velocity New Markets Responding to Feedback Agility

    Customer experience Uptime and Performance Security & Compliance Predictability
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  8. @esigler Dealing with existing fires. Add more fuel in the

    form of new projects. Suddenly, more fire appears.
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  10. @esigler Using DevOps practices can lead every business down a

    better path.
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  14. @esigler “The Three Ways” Flow Feedback Continual Learning

  15. @esigler Part the first: Flow

  16. @esigler “Organizations which design systems ... are constrained to produce

    designs which are copies of the communication structures of these organizations"
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  18. “You build it,
 you run it.” Werner Vogels Amazon CTO

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  24. @esigler

  25. @esigler https://puppet.com/resources/white-paper/2016-state-of-devops-report

  26. @esigler Deploys per day

  27. @esigler Deploys per day per developer

  28. @esigler Part the second: Feedback

  29. @esigler “If Engineering at Etsy has a religion, it’s the

    Church of Graphs. If it moves, we track it.”
  30. @esigler Self-Service Insights

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  32. @esigler Build for “Hypothesis Driven Development”

  33. @esigler Part the third: Continual Learning

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  35. @esigler “After action reports”, “Postmortems”,
 “Learning Reviews”

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  37. Share knowledge widely. @esigler

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  40. @esigler #HangOps #DevOpsChat /r/devops /r/chatops

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