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Insights from Bytes&Bites event

Evil Martians
November 21, 2022

Insights from Bytes&Bites event

Slides from the Bytes&Bites event: a gathering for dev tools and open source founders on Nov 02, 2022, in Lisbon.

Nikolai Liubimov, CTO at Heartex,—their journey to ML Industry standard.

Irina Nazarova, CEO at Evil Martians—AnyCable as a tool for real-time communications.

Marina Naperstak, CEO at imgproxy—imgproxy: the blazing fast and secure image processing tool

Evil Martians

November 21, 2022

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  1. evilmartians.com

  2. 2 Data Labeling Our journey to ML Industry

  3. 3 Training “Labeled” Data Machine Learning Algorithm AI Program What

    is Data Labeling
  4. 4 Why Data Labeling is Important The right data labeling

    tool enables quality and ef fi ciency control hence directly impact business values
  5. 5 Our Journey to Data Labeling Mid 2020: Data Labeling

    becomes ML industry standard (Scale AI, Appen, Labelbox…) Oct 2022: 40 people in Heartex team Jun 2022: 5000+ Community Members May 2022: Series A (Redpoint, Unusual Ventures, Bow Capital, Swift Ventures) Late 2021: Fortune 100 customers portfolio Jan 2020: First enterprise client, woohoo!! Sep 2019: Label Studio - 1k stars in Github March 2019: 3 folks got the idea! Prototyping…
  6. 6 The Pitfalls of Collaboration

  7. Do you remember this?

  8. Do you remember this?

  9. Do you remember this?

  10. Do you remember this?

  11. Do you remember this?

  12. Do you remember this? Collaboration went online

  13. Do you remember this? Collaboration went online

  14. Do you remember this? Collaboration went online

  15. None
  16. Build live collaborative UX

  17. keeping developer productivity in mind Build live collaborative UX

  18. keeping developer productivity in mind Build live collaborative UX

  19. keeping developer productivity in mind Build live collaborative UX ✅

  20. For Ruby on Rails, AnyCable replaces the built-in Action Cable,

    resolving key issues: – Radically better performance–4x less RAM usage–and radically lower costs when scaling AnyCable Go instead of Action Cable – Better real-time UX: no need to worry about speci fi c real-time problems like re-connects, delivery guarantees, and others – Control PaaS expenses, before they grow out of control – Remain the owner of data and never send it to a 3rd-party – Write clean and maintainable code, instead of another 3rd-party integration Not yet another add-on anycable.io
  21. Thank you! Let’s connect [email protected] twitter.com/inazarova linkedin.com/in/nonconstant

  22. 22 Image Optimisation on-the-fly New standard for image optimization ML-driven,

    fast and secure image processing tool for developers
  23. 23 More than 2.5x storage usage reduction

  24. 24 • 6.6K+ GitHub stars • 19mln+ downloads via Docker

    Hub • Amongst our OSS users: eBay, Algolia, Retail Zipline, Forem, Vodafone, Playbook, Meetup. • Very active community at Gitter. • 55 active Pro clients with organic sales only via landing page, GitHub and Martian blog. 
 Amongst our COSS clients: Dribbble, Photobucket, Labelbox, Optimole, ARTE, Hiyacar. We’re on our way to becoming the household name for dynamic optimization Open Source adoption is the key to our success
  25. 25 Our next steps SaaS Video, more fi lters and

    ML options Sales Automation Constant development of OSS version The way to use imgproxy in any product without having to provision and maintain required infrastructure. Simply grab an API key and start compressing on the fly! To cover more related industries and reach new client groups.
  26. 26 [email protected] Ask me anything about imgproxy. Your comments and

    questions send here:
  27. 27 How can you monetize something that is available for

  28. 28 Who is your audience and what’s important for them?

  29. 29 How do you work with your community?

  30. 30 What are the trends in open source? Let’s talk

    about the future