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How to become a Software Tester

October 28, 2021

How to become a Software Tester

Svetlana Akopian, HR Manager, Exactpro
Davit Mnatobishvili, Software Tester, Exactpro

28 October 2021

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October 28, 2021

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  1. 1 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Build Software to Test

    Software exactpro.com How to become a Software Tester Svetlana Akopian, HR Manager Davit Mnatobishvili, Software Tester 28 OCTOBER
  2. 3 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE A specialist firm focused

    on functional and non-functional testing of exchanges, clearing houses, depositories, trade repositories and other financial market infrastructures. About Exactpro Headquartered in the UK with operations in the US, Georgia, Russia, Lithuania and Sri Lanka. Most of our clients are regulated market infrastructures. Exactpro provides software testing services for mission critical technology that underpins global financial markets. The firm is experienced with trading and clearing and settlement platforms, market data systems, collateral management and risk management systems, central data warehouses, regulatory reporting, etc. Incorporated in 2009 with 10 people, Exactpro is now employing over 700 specialists. Part of the London Stock Exchange Group (LSEG) from May 2015 until January 2018, when the Exactpro management proceeded through the buyout of the company from LSEG.

    software Quality Assurance client network
  4. 8 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE We trained 200+ specialists

    to pass the ISTQB® Certified Tester Foundation Level certification exam
  5. 9 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Our Educational Courses are:

    • Available in 3 languages: Georgian, Russian, English • Free of charge ➔ YouTube ➔ Internships ➔ Internal courses ➔ QA Meetups ➔ Webinars • Accessible via:
  6. 10 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE • “Software Testing for

    Complex Intelligent Systems and Autonomous Vehicles” dedicated to the 2021 IEEE Autonomous Driving AI Test Challenge • Exactpro Data Science University • A4Q's AI and Software Testing video series • ISTQB Foundation Level Certification video series • Now - First Accredited ISTQB Foundation Level preparation course in Georgia Educational Activities with Exactpro We dedicate a significant amount of resources to our educational courses that include:

    are the first to offer an accredited course to prepare for taking the ISTQB Foundation Level exam in Georgia. The aim of the course is to provide sessions to help candidates go through the syllabus, find out more about the fundamentals of software testing, best practices, techniques, more about the SDLC, test management, tools and documentation. On the practical side, candidates will meet senior-level professionals and ISTQB-certified experts who will share their experience of working on real-life international mission-critical projects. • Consists of two parts: theory based on the ISTQB Foundation Level (complete coverage 2018 syllabus and glossary) with the examples derived from real projects + guided work on mock tests • Complemented by original printed resources and video series • Mentor Support from experienced certified trainers during the course • Course materials available for downloading for an unlimited period of time • The students who have shown the best results will receive a job offer from Exactpro. Course length: 8 weeks (two 1.5 hour sessions/ week) Total course time: 24 hours Course fee: 1080 GEL (Starting from the second wave) The first wave of the course is offered with a 100% discount. Start time: December 2021 COMING SOON ...

    TEST SOFTWARE ✔ What is Software Testing? ✔ What does it involve? ✔ Why Software Testing is important?
  9. 15 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Software testing is not

    about making sure that everything is ok . What is software testing?
  10. 17 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Software Testing is Relentless

    Learning Software Testing is exploring software with the intent of finding bugs. Software Testing is • an empirical • technical • investigation • conducted to provide stakeholders • with information • about the quality • of the product or service under test.
  11. 18 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Software testing is an

    integral part of the software development life cycle because people are prone to making mistakes/errors. Some errors are insignificant, others may have costly repercussions. Since everyone makes mistakes, we have to thoroughly verify the result of our work, as well as the work of others in everything that we do. Why is Software Testing Important? THE SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT CYCLE 1 PLANNING 2 ANALYSIS 3 DESIGN 4 IMPLEMENTATION 5 TESTING& INTEGRATION 6 MAINTENANCE
  12. 19 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Software Testing is of

    Utmost Importance Therac-25 Knight Capital Group Ariane 5 Video Assistant Referee The destroyed rocket and its cargo were valued at $500 million Radiation therapy machine caused injuries to 6 patients, 3 people died Loss of $440 million, plus caused a major disruption of 148 companies pricing VAR was first used in the Netherlands football championship without a test and caused a mess. 1996 1984 2012 2010
  13. 21 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Types of Software Testing

    • Functional Testing • Non-functional Testing • White-box Testing & Black-box Testing • Change-related Testing Types of Testing Functional Non-Functional • Unit Testing • Integration Testing • Smoke/Sanity • User Acceptance • Localization • Globalization • Interoperability • And so on... • Performance • Endurance • Load • Volume • Scalability • Usability • And so on...
  14. 22 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE White-box (Structure-based) Testing Testing

    based on the analysis of the internal structure of a component or system. The thoroughness of white-box testing can be measured through structural coverage. Structural coverage is the extent to which some type of structural element has been exercised by tests and is expressed as a percentage of the type of element being covered. if x>0: print(“Number “ + a + “ is greater than” + b) elif a==b: print(“Number “ + a + “ and “ + b + “ are equal”) else: print(“Number “ + b + “ is greater than ” + a)
  15. 23 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Black-box Testing Black-box testing

    is a method of software testing that examines the functionality of an application without peering into its internal structures or workings. Black Box Testing Input Output Black Box
  16. 24 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Functional Testing Testing performed

    to evaluate if a component or system satisfies functional requirements. This type of testing answers the question of “what” the system should do. WHAT?
  17. 25 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Non-functional Testing Testing performed

    to evaluate that a component or system complies with non-functional requirements. 5 Usability Testing 4 M aintenance Testing 3 Stress Testing Load Testing 2 1 Perform ance Testing 6 Reliability Testing 7 Portability Testing e t c.
  18. 26 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Confirmation and Regression Testing

    Confirmation testing (re-testing) — testing performed after fixing a defect to confirm that a failure caused by that defect does not reoccur. Regression testing — testing testing to detect whether defects have been introduced or uncovered in unchanged areas of the software.
  19. 27 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Test Documentation • Test

    plan • Test case • Bug report • Check-list • Traceability matrix • Test summary report
  20. 28 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Test Plan The documentation

    describing the test objectives to be achieved as well as the means and the schedule for achieving them, organized to coordinate testing activities. • Determine the scope and risks and identify the testing objectives • Determine the test approach (techniques, test items, coverage, identifying and interfacing with the teams involved in testing, testware) • Implement the test policy and/or the test strategy • Determine the required test resources (e.g. people, test environment, PCs) • Schedule test analysis and design tasks, test implementation, execution and evaluation • Determine the exit criteria

    of preconditions, inputs, actions (where applicable), expected results and postconditions developed based on test conditions.
  22. 30 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE The Structure and Contents

    of a Test Scenario Test case ID Test case priority Test case title Preconditions Test case description Test data Postconditions Expected result The ID required for conveniently storing and navigating the test suites. • critical • high • medium • low The main objective/idea of the test case and a brief description of its essence. The description of conditions that are not directly related to the functionality under test, but must be fulfilled. The sequence of actions that should lead to the expected result. The data required to run a test case. The list of actions that return the system to its original state. What we expect to see as a result of executing the steps.
  23. 31 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE The Structure and Contents

    of a Test Scenario (real-life example) Test case ID Test case priority Test case title Preconditions Test case description Test data Postconditi ons Expected result TC_01 Medium Checking the button for applying for a job position 1. Go to the website: exactpro.com 2. Click menu in the top right corner 3. Choose Careers 4. Scroll down, under vacancies, choose any job position (e.g. Junior Software Tester) 5. In the right-hand menu, click “Apply” User can apply using the Send Resume page 1. User is directed to the website home page 2. A drop-down menu appears 3. The user is directed to the list of vacancies 4. The job description for the given vacancy is shown 5. The user is redirected to the “Send Resume” page
  24. 32 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Bug Tracking Systems •

    Redmine; • Atlassian JIRA; • Bugzilla; • Launchpad; • etc.

    report is a technical document that contains a full description of the bug, including the information about the bug itself (a brief description, severity and priority levels, etc.) and the description of the conditions in which the bug occurred. A bug report should contain the correct commonly accepted terminology describing the user interface elements and their events leading to the bug occurrence.
  26. 34 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE The Structure and Contents

    of a Bug Report Bug ID A unique bug ID Author The bug report’s author Status Displays the bug status in its life cycle Priority The priority of fixing the issue Severity The gradation of how much the bug influences the application Assignee The person assigned to fix the defect Bug title A brief description of the problem Test environment The Operating system and its Bit depth, the service pack, the browser and its version, etc. Preconditions The description of conditions that are not directly related to the functionality under test, but must be fulfilled Steps to reproduce A detailed description of the path leading to defect occurrence Postconditions The list of actions that return the system to its original state Expected result The result that must satisfy the requirements Actual result The result received after executing all the steps to reproduce Attachments Logs, screenshots and other documents that can help reproduce the problem or solve it

    TEST SOFTWARE What do you need to know to join the Exactpro team?
  28. 36 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Skills Required from a

    Software Tester • Basic knowledge of SQL • Basic knowledge of Linux • Basic knowledge of the Theory of Software Testing • Programming skills • Communication • Team work • Time management • Working with deadlines • Problem solving • Eagerness to learn Technical skills: Soft skills:
  29. 37 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Software Testing sources ISTQB

    Syllabus Foundation Level: https://www.istqb.org/downloads/send/51-ctfl2018/208-ctfl-2018-syllabus.html (pages 12-62). SQL: http://www.sql-ex.com/?Lang=1 Linux: https://www.linux.com/what-is-linux https://ryanstutorials.net/linuxtutorial/ https://www.w3schools.com/sql/default.asp Udemy and coursera websites Recommended literature in each vacancy on the Exactpro website, e.g. see Junior Software Tester
  30. 39 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE Working at Exactpro is

    Exciting Challenging projects that are changing the industry Career opportunities Training and professional growth Worldwide business trips Medical coverage Foreign language lessons (English, Italian) Sport membership discount Flexible working option 27-day annual leave Cutting-edge technologies

    TEST SOFTWARE Hiring Process with us, vacancies and benefits
  32. 41 BUILD SOFTWARE TO TEST SOFTWARE • Currently study or

    have university/college technical education • Are knowledgeable in processes and methods of software testing • Have hands-on experience with SQL, Linux • Have programming skills • Have strong written and oral English language skills to interact with international clients and colleagues • Have a great desire to improve your existing skills and develop professionally in the IT industry @exactpro Check the validity of applications and environment Analyze technical documentation Develop test scripts (manual and automated) Analyze and report the identified problems, monitor corrective maintenance Ensure effective project communication