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Marconi from MongoDB's POV

October 26, 2013

Marconi from MongoDB's POV

This talk explains some of the issues that have been faced during Marconi's development and how they've been overcome.


October 26, 2013

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  1. @flaper87 Steps out of hell: Marconi, 2 mins intro Stamped

    with MongoDB Welcome to indexes hell Fight race conditions Other ideas Takeaways
  2. Who's this dude? @flaper87 (a.k.a, Flavio Percoco): Very proud Red

    Hatter, who's also part of the MongoDB Master team and has contributed to Open Source since... forever. One of those who thinks about programming when he's not programming. member of
  3. @flaper87 Name Field ------------------- scope -> p_q expires -> e

    ttl -> t uuid -> u claim -> c marker -> k Message Schema
  4. @flaper87 hacks # NOTE(flaper87): Dirty hack! # This sets the

    expiration time to # `expires` on messages that would # expire before claim. Transaction-less
  5. @flaper87 Takeaways Compound indexes are good Range queries are evil

    Transaction-less trade-off Database lock can be avoided OIDs are awesome but not fully reliable