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Leighton Pritchard Phytothreats: WP4

Leighton Pritchard Phytothreats: WP4

Predicting risk by analysis of Phytophthora genome evolution

Forest Research

April 21, 2016

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  1. Taxonomy ID: 4783 66 Assemblies, 20 species 2 new assemblies

    since last meeting 118 BioProjects (each with >= 1 assembly) NCBI/RefSeq
  2. 10 Genome Portals (various versions) 4 projects: P. capsici, P.

    cinnamomi, P. ramorum, P. sojae (and an endornavirus…) Data also at NCBI JGI
  3. (release 31 current) 14 genomes (duplication of NCBI) 1xP. infestans,

    1xP. kernoviae, 1xP. lateralis, 9xP. parasitica, 1xP. ramorum, 1xP. sojae Ensembl Compara All-vs-all synteny comparisons not available (also ) Ensembl Protists downloadable downloadable PhytoPath