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Set up your own packagist

Set up your own packagist

Wouldn't it be great if you could pull in private packages with Composer? Satis allows you to do just that. In this short talk we'll demonstrate how to install and use it.


Freek Van der Herten

July 01, 2015


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  2. Set up your own packagist

  3. About me Freek Van der Herten Partner & developer at

    Spatie @freekmurze
  4. About Spatie SINCE 2003 Websites, applications en shops TEAM 4

    developers, 1 manager Pool of freelancers (photographers, animators, …) CORE VALUES Style, easy of use, tailor-made software
  5. Used for all greenfield projects Built with Laravel 5.1 Not

    really a CMS A sh*tload of dependencies Blender CMS
  6. Dependencies The usual suspects

  7. Spatie packages: Something for everyone Documented Maintained Easy to update

    projects Dependencies
  8. But what about private packages?

  9. Your own mini packagist Developed by Jordi Boggiano & Nils

    Adermann Useful for private packages Satis
  10. Installing satis composer create-project composer/satis —stability=dev --keep-vcs

  11. Configuring satis { "name": "Spatie custom packages", "homepage": "", "repositories":

    [ { "type": "vcs", "url": "" } ], "require-all": true }
  12. php bin/satis build config.json public/ Building the repository

  13. "repositories": [ { "type": "composer", "url": "" } ] Using

    the repository
  14. Demo

  15. Official documentation Blogpost by Mario Bašić your-private-packages/

    Want to learn more?
  16. Questions?

  17. Thanks!