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More Code, More Problems - Lone Star PHP 2013

More Code, More Problems - Lone Star PHP 2013



June 28, 2013

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  1. More Code, More Problems Ed Finkler Fictive Kin @funkatron

  2. 1. Learn languages, not frameworks

  3. Don’t be a Framework X/Y/Z developer

  4. Versatility and flexibility

  5. Complexity of full-stack frameworks

  6. 2. Build small things

  7. Small things with simple purposes

  8. Solve single problems

  9. Work together & solve big problems

  10. 3. Less code is better than more

  11. Manage less code

  12. Support less code

  13. Justify every line

  14. 4. Create and use simple, readable code

  15. I want code that is easy to understand

  16. I want code that is easy to verify

  17. Readability is a feature

  18. Confession

  19. Stuff to look at: https://github.com/funkatron/FUnit https://github.com/fictivekin/Resty.php http://microphp.org

  20. Fin microphp.org·fictivekin.com·devhell.info https://joind.in/8692