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code is a job

code is a job

Writing great code is a challenge. We have to use the best frameworks, spend every hour of every day at the keyboard.. The key to writing great code, we're told, is passion. But what if, in order to write great code, we need to do exactly the opposite? Code is a job, after all. What if the simplest way to improve our code is to treat it like one?

Garann Means

June 22, 2015

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  1. code is a job MediterráneaJS / @garannm

  2. buenas tardes • circa 1997 • Etsy, Editorially, Joyent •

    community organizer • technical author • conference speaker
  3. please allow me to pick up where i left off

  4. “I

  5. but today tho • writing better code • ignoring nonsense

    • not believing the hype • doing a good job
  6. participate in your own exploitation

  7. meritocracy is a hell of a drug

  8. “we’ve been trying different things for a while, and these

    seem to be the common threads among ourselves, and the most successful and trustworthy people we’ve lived with before”
  9. falling off the level playing field

  10. self reinforcing • you didn’t learn the latest framework •

    you didn’t put enough time into open source • you didn’t stay late and let your outside interests atrophy • you weren’t “passionate” enough
  11. passion is poison

  12. too much “passion” ruins good code

  13. http://www.mirror.co.uk/news/ampp3d/bransons-holidays-right-graph-shows-4323133

  14. None
  15. there is no right tool for the job

  16. you still have to get the job done

  17. JS templates • jTemplates • jQuery Templates plugin • Mustache

    • Angular / React / etc
  18. JS templates • jTemplates: independent • jQuery Templates plugin: ecosystem

    • Mustache: independent • Angular / React / etc: ecosystem
  19. JS templates • jTemplates: uses JS to produce HTML •

    jQuery Templates plugin: uses JS to produce HTML • Mustache: uses JS to produce HTML • Angular / React / etc: uses JS to produce HTML
  20. it’s all bike- shedding

  21. all that matters or will ever matter is the user’s

  22. performance • browser game? • news site? • collaborative tool?

  23. performance • eliminate bad performance in code • don’t make

    a bunch of requests • get whatever you can from cache • don’t block loading
  24. performance • eliminate bad performance in code: good judgement •

    don’t make a bunch of requests: good judgement • get whatever you can from cache: good judgement • don’t block loading: good judgement
  25. as coders, we work below the surface

  26. what makes a great coder isn’t code

  27. there are no natural coders

  28. pro code skills • ability to organize tasks • very

    simple logic • very simple math • rules of grammar and language • things you learn before your 20s
  29. pro code skills 1. problem solving 2. communication

  30. you don’t learn to code arguing about editors

  31. great code comes from not coding

  32. hot code tips • go for a walk • make

    friends • read a book • watch the news • make something physical
  33. myopic code makes a half- assed product

  34. None
  35. None
  36. “natural” just means you anticipated the problems

  37. a “natural” coder remembers people use their code

  38. but that’s design!! • code involves design work • building

    anything does • the more of the big picture you see, the better your design • hence, the better your code
  39. code experience is meaningless without human experience

  40. code is a living

  41. passion don’t pay the bills

  42. food, water, sleep safety and security friends, love respect code

  43. after a decade “good” code isn’t enough

  44. food, water, sleep safety and security friends, love respect a

    better world
  45. “just” a job • in capitalism, a job is essential

    • in a job, accountability is essential • if the code is important, make it a job
  46. stop pretending you’re going to cash out at 30/ 40

  47. #goals 0k 50k 100k 150k 200k 20s 30s 40s 50s

  48. over your career, results matter most

  49. great code is more than just some typing

  50. great code gets you home in time for dinner

  51. someone is always wrong on the internet

  52. even the biggest tool authors will probably fade into obscurity

  53. usefulness is the only metric that matters

  54. just like any other job in the world

  55. gracias! @garannm !