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What happened to my JavaScript phone?

What happened to my JavaScript phone?

Not long ago, it seemed like JavaScript devices were going to free JS developers from the constraints of the browser and let us control every aspect of our lives as easily as we once controlled hover menus. Though nodebots were captivating, many of us were anxious for the JS device revolution to reach a more mundane destination: our phones. And yet today the constraints of the mobile landscape look not much different from several years ago. We have the same two operating systems, the same two app stores, and same option to write a native app or push people to save what is still mostly a bookmark. How did we cover so little distance, given the enthusiasm, resources, and potential that appeared to exist, and more importantly, how close can we come to a JavaScript phone today?

Garann Means

June 01, 2019

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  1. View Exit ✉ 12:30 ⏚ ⏍ What happened to my

    javascript phone? Garann Means @garannm JSConf EU 2019
  2. Why not use a hacker phone camera display fast, reliable

    connection not crashing all the time you have too many thousands of dollars
  3. You carefully researched phones and bought the best one for

    you? Is it iPhone or Android? E-X-C-E-L
  4. View Exit ✉ 12:30 ⏚ ⏍ yay the free market

  5. One of these days i'm gonna get this nodebot back

    on the road and really open 'er up https://www.flickr.com/photos/4nitsirk/33313210766/
  6. Things we used to hate Nonstop problems connecting to wifi

    Maps that gave directions from alternate dimensions Carrier-installed apps Only being able to install ringtones you paid for * not a smartphone issue but still bullshit
  7. To make a phone a phone Become a carrier License

    some protocols Embed them in your hardware Get signoff from local agencies where your phone will be used Get certification from any commercial carrier whose network your device will connect to
  8. You could still.. Build a hobbyist phone Flash your firmware

    Write PWAs and JS-to-native apps Start a revolution
  9. View Exit ✉ 12:30 ⏚ ⏍ Just a telephony api

    app.get('/answer', async (request, reply) => { let nexmo_call_control = [{ action: 'connect', endpoint: [{ type: 'websocket', uri: 'http://localhost:34567', 'content-type': 'audio/l16;rate=16000' }] }]; return nexmo_call_control; });
  10. And a little hardware TiLDA badge: https://badge.emfcamp.org/wiki/TiLDA_MK4 “Yes your TiLDA

    Badge is also a mobile phone.” GSM shield: http://www.espruino.com/arduino-sim900 “GSM/GPRS module that can provide internet access via an AT command set”
  11. View Exit ✉ 12:30 ⏚ ⏍ New hardware ideas https://www.thelightphone.com

    https://www.punkt.ch/en/products/mp02-4g-mobile-phone/ https://www.fairphone.com/en/