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[Diego Gonzalez and Peter O'Shaughnessy] Physical and Immersed

[Diego Gonzalez and Peter O'Shaughnessy] Physical and Immersed

Content level: Intermediate

In this presentation, we will combine WebXR with Web Bluetooth in order to create an experience that transcends both worlds allowing the interaction of a user in VR with a user in the real world.

Diego Gonzalez --- Samsung Internet / United Kingdom
Peter O'Shaughnessy --- Samsung Internet / United Kingdom


Google Developers Group Lviv

October 13, 2018


  1. Physical and Immersed WebXR and Web Bluetooth Peter O’Shaughnessy +

    Diego González +
  2. @samsunginternet Здрастуйте Peter @poshaughnessy Diego @diekus

  3. • Chromium Based • Evergreen browser • Android L +

  4. Source: http://gs.statcounter.com/browser-market-share/mobile/worldwide 54.95% 17.27% 13.38% 5.09%

  5. The Physical and Digital worlds are merging

  6. Virtual Reality

  7. None
  8. VR is out of the Hype Cycle -John Root

  9. bit.ly/xr-not-just-games

  10. “Just about every vehicle you've occupied in the last two

    decades was prototyped in VR” Jaron Lanier
  11. “Walmart is putting 17,000 VR headsets in its stores for

    training” The Verge
  12. Augmented & Mixed Reality

  13. Headset-based Mobile-based Hololens Magic Leap North Star ARKit (iOS) ARCore

  14. ARCore and ARKit • Positional tracking • Surface detection •

    Light estimation • Object detection (ARKit 2) • Persistent & shareable (ARKit 2)
  15. None
  16. None
  17. VR + AR + MR = XR

  18. Internet of Things

  19. 10 million Bluetooth enabled devices shipping every day ABI Research

  20. Smart Everything

  21. Your smartphone is becoming a remote control for the real

  22. XR + IoT

  23. XR can help us understand our “big data” bit.ly/xr-big-data

  24. “VR is amazing at conveying complexity with lucidity” Jaron Lanier

  25. bit.ly/artik-bridge

  26. VR Tranquilitie bit.ly/vr-tranq

  27. AR can enhance the real world with key data and

    controls in realtime
  28. None
  29. What about the web?

  30. The web is the most wide-reaching platform

  31. Web tech is familiar HTML JavaScript CSS 69.8% 68.5% 65.1%

    Top 3 most popular technologies – Stack Overflow Developer Survey 2018
  32. The web lets you dive right in Source: https://www.blog.google/products/google-ar-vr/augmented-reality-web-everyone/

  33. Progressive Enhancement

  34. web This specification describes support for accessing virtual reality (VR)

    and augmented reality (AR) devices, including sensors and head-mounted displays, on the Web XR
  35. New Browsers Desktop browsers Mobile browsers XR browsers

  36. New Browsers

  37. New Workflows

  38. New Workflows

  39. New Axis

  40. @BilyanaVacheva New Axis

  41. Dance Tonite LCD SoundSystem / Google A-Painter Mozilla Toyota Australia

    Dr. Who Time Travel BBC / goodboy Ford Expedition WebVR is already here
  42. WebVR browser support

  43. WebAR is coming. We can experiment now.

  44. Camera access since ~2012 (getUserMedia)

  45. “We’re going from computers with cameras… to computers with eyes,

    that can see” Benedict Evans
  46. AR.js

  47. What about ARCore / ARKit for the web?

  48. • three.ar.js from Google • three.xr.js from Mozilla • aframe-xr

    from Mozilla *
  49. What about the web and IoT?

  50. Web of Things

  51. Project Things from Mozilla iot.mozilla.org

  52. Web Bluetooth

  53. web The first version of this specification allows web pages,

    running on a UA in the Central role, to connect to GATT Servers over either a BR/EDR or LE connection. Bluetooth
  54. Requires user action & HTTPS

  55. Web Bluetooth browser support Android, Mac, Windows (Chrome Beta), Chrome

    OS, Linux* *bit.ly/web-bluetooth-support
  56. None
  57. bit.ly/hedgehog-vr

  58. Demo time Nordic Thingy:52

  59. @samsunginternet Дякую Peter @poshaughnessy Diego @diekus