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Dealing with IRQ conflicts in 2018

Dealing with IRQ conflicts in 2018

In this talk, I've explained the approaches our tiny web operations team takes to manage "unplanned work" such as system outages and tech support without losing steam with our projects.


Jochen Lillich

September 11, 2018

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  2. IRQ conflicts in 1988 @geewiz @freistil

  3. Jochen Lillich → Founder and CEO, freistil IT → @geewiz

    → jochen@freistil.it @geewiz @freistil
  4. @geewiz @freistil

  5. @geewiz @freistil

  6. Life in web operations @geewiz @freistil

  7. "Engineers are a scarce resource at even the largest organizations.

    Engineering time should be invested in the most important characteristics of the most important services. Striking the right balance between investing in functionality that will win new customers or retain current ones, versus investing in the reliability and scalability that will keep those customers happy, is difficult." Niall Richard Murphy et al., "The Site Reliability Workbook" @geewiz @freistil
  8. Too Many Projects @geewiz @freistil

  9. @geewiz @freistil

  10. @geewiz @freistil

  11. @geewiz @freistil

  12. @geewiz @freistil

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  14. @geewiz @freistil

  15. Things had to change @geewiz @freistil

  16. What we did @geewiz @freistil

  17. @geewiz @freistil

  18. Make work visible @geewiz @freistil

  19. It's not about tools. It's about making conscious decisions and

    being accountable. @geewiz @freistil
  20. Create accountability → Weekly WIPR → Small work items →

    Ruthless prioritisation @geewiz @freistil
  21. Fight perfectionism @geewiz @freistil

  22. "The throughput of any system is determined by one constraint."

    Eliyahu M. Goldratt @geewiz @freistil
  23. Eliminate bottlenecks → Technical debt → Knowledge silos → Snowflake

    infrastructure → Toil @geewiz @freistil
  24. What is toil? → Manual → Repetitive → Automatable →

    Nontactical/reactive → Lacks enduring value → Grows at least as fast as its source @geewiz @freistil
  25. Corral unplanned work → Ops on-call → Support on-call →

    Libero = business hours ops and support @geewiz @freistil
  26. Tools don't solve process problems, but a good process can

    benefit from good tools. @geewiz @freistil
  27. ChatOps @geewiz @freistil

  28. "You have to provide a compelling vision for people to

    follow and believe in. [...] Sometimes it’s a challenge to keep all the balls in the air at the same time, but there’s no shortage of vision. That translates into missions that we carry out day to day." Nick Caldwell, VP of Engineering at Reddit @geewiz @freistil
  29. Stop starting. Start finishing. @geewiz @freistil

  30. Just ask! jochen@freistil.it @geewiz @freistil

  31. Become a Drupal contributor Friday from 9am → First timers

    workshop → Mentored contribution → General contribution @geewiz @freistil
  32. Image credits → Pastry Chef: https://flic.kr/p/4dMyx → Dodgeball: https://flic.kr/p/cZZFPj →

    Types of Ops: Pete Cheslock @geewiz @freistil