Genlighten 2.0 Overview for Current Providers

Genlighten 2.0 Overview for Current Providers

This presentation introduces current Genlighten providers to some of the new features of Genlighten 2.0.



May 04, 2012


  1. Genlighten 2.0 Overview for Current Research Providers

  2. 2 We’re pretty excited about the new site.

  3. 3 And you’re invited to start moving in! We’ll email

    you with details on how to access the Genlighten 2.0 beta site.
  4. 4 We’ve done a lot of the heavy lifting

  5. 5 but we’ll leave it to you to unpack.

  6. 6 You’ll need to tweak your profile page

  7. 7 and set up your store

  8. 8 to make them your own.

  9. 9 You can edit your current offerings

  10. 10 and add hourly research, if you’d like.

  11. 11 We’ll send you a test request so ...

  12. 12 you can explore the tracking pages.

  13. 13 We’ll also send you a message so ... Text

  14. 14 you can check out the message center.

  15. 15 All settled in? Try using keywords

  16. 16 to find your profile, store, and offerings.

  17. 17 Our launch date isn’t set yet

  18. 18 but we plan to go live by late June.

  19. 19 Our fees will drop Providers: 10% of fees charged

    Clients: 5% of fees paid (Actually we decided “why wait?” and made that change on the current site a while back.)
  20. 20 and we’ll be turning our focus to acting on

    your feedback to make site tweaks
  21. 21 and we’ll be turning our focus to adding in

    cool new features
  22. 22 and we’ll be turning our focus to and getting

    the word out about your services.
  23. 23 We look forward to working with you

  24. 24 to create a great site for research!

  25. 25 If you have questions, just ask. (302) 566-5871

    We’re always happy to help.
  26. And, thanks for being one of the original providers on! It’s enjoyable working with you and we appreciate what you do.