Genlighten Brochure

Genlighten Brochure is a marketplace for genealogy research. Our brochure introduces you to the website and explains how it works.



May 10, 2012


  1. Keyword Searching Use keywords to quickly locate research provid- ers

    who can tackle the projects you have in mind. Search results are returned in three categories: providers, research offerings, and repositories. Templates for Stores and Offerings Set up an online store and create fixed-fee and/or hourly research offerings using the templates we provide. Blog-based tutorials are available to guide you through the process. On-site Messaging Communicate with site users without sharing an e-mail address. Threaded messages, accessible in your message center and on project tracking pages, document your conversations. Provider Profile Pages Get to know providers before asking for research help. Visit profile pages to learn about their re- search experience and expertise, to review feed- back left by previous clients, or to ask a question. Step-by-step Project Tracking Follow a project’s progress every step of the way. Project tracking pages let you see requests, quotes, messages, payments, reports, and feedback all in one place. Responsive Website Support Whether you’re a client or a provider, if you need help using the site, all you have to do is ask. Site cofound- ers can be reached by phone or e-mail and they’re always happy to help. Wondering about site costs? Providers set their own fees and pay a 10% commission on completed projects. Clients pay a 5% handling fee. There is no charge to set up a provider store, create offerings, browse the site, query providers, or post custom research requests. Sign Up Today! It’s easy. And, it’s free. Just go to and click on “Register.” We’ll ask you for a user name, a password, and a valid email address, and you’ll be on your way! Genlighten Site Features
  2. From simple document retrieval to complex problem solving, Genlighten can

    help you move your research forward. Reports and document images are delivered to you conveniently online by friendly experienced research providers who love the work they do. The Story Behind Genlighten was founded by long-time family history enthusiasts Dean and Cyndy Richardson. Cyndy launched a website for Chicago research in 2003 and clients were thrilled with her friendly, reliable service. Soon they were asking if she could refer them to researchers in other parts of the country. Some even asked if she’d share tips on starting a similar web- based business. Dean was working on an MBA at Kellogg School of Management at the time and family conversations quickly became brainstorming sessions. How could they make it easier for people to find and/or offer genealogy research help online? The answer? The site offers a convenient way for clients to connect with research providers. Project management tools make it simple to track the research process every step of the way. Dean handles the technical, financial, and marketing aspects of Genlighten. Cyndy takes care of site-user support and lends a hand wherever needed. They invite you to join the Genlighten community as a provider, a client, or both! Have questions or comments about Genlighten? Just send us a quick e-mail. We’d love to hear from you. P.O. Box 893 Wilmette, IL 60091 302.566.5871 Visit us at Seven Reasons to Join the Genlighten Community Providers • You want to share your expertise by offer- ing research services online but you don’t have the time and/or resources to create and market a stand-alone website. • You’d like to use project management tools that will let you focus on what’s really important--the research. • You’re taking steps toward becoming a professional genealogist and would like to test the waters and build reputation. • You know that your suggestions for site improvements will be taken seriously and you want to play a role in shaping a new resource for the genealogy community. Clients • You’d like to be able to quickly connect with people who know how to find the records you need rather than spending valuable time trying to figure out how to get information by mail or on microfilm. • You’ve been thinking about hiring some- one to help with a project that’s outside your area of expertise and would like to be able to review feedback left by previous clients before choosing a researcher. • You like knowing that Genlighten’s co- founders will be just a call or an e-mail away when you have questions about using the site.