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This is the New Typography (and the Typefaces that Make it Work)

Gerry Leonidas
October 20, 2012

This is the New Typography (and the Typefaces that Make it Work)

Gerry will tell a story about typography, and typefaces. In this story, Typography is growing up, entering its sixth era. It is growing as a space shared by many disciplines, gathering readers who see – often for the first time – type, and spatial arrangement, and interaction as decisions that somebody made. In this story we see fundamental assumptions questioned, some thrown out with a “why on earth did we do it like this?”, and others kept with a forced admission that the old guys did get some things right after all. The best part of the story is the bit where typefaces become the looking glass through which all this comes together. There’s no baddie in this story.
[presented at TypoLondon 2012]

Gerry Leonidas

October 20, 2012

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  1. ῥηθῆναι (aor.pass.inf.): see εἴρω2,ἐρῶ ῥηίδιος (also ῥῄδιος) ep.Ion.adj.: see ῥᾴδιος

    ῥηίζω Ion.vb.: see ῥᾱίζω ῥήιστος, ῥηίτατος, ῥηίτερος (also ῥῄτερος), ῥηίων: see ῥᾴδιος ῥηκτός ή όν vbl.adj. [ῥήγνῡμι] (of a person) able to be broken or rent (by a weapon or stones), vulnerable Il. AR. ῥῆμα ατος n. [εἴρω2; ἐρῶ] 1 something said or spoken, statement Hdt. +; saying by a wise person), maxim Pi. Pl. Men. 2 spoken word, word (usu.pl., sts. w.connot. of advice) Archil. + 3 spoken word, mere word (opp. actions, reality) Pi. + 4 (ref. to a word or phrase) expression Ar. + 5 (gramm.) verb (opp. ὄνομα noun) Pl. Arist.; phrase (opp. ὄνομα word) Pl. ῥημάτιον ου n. [dimin. ῥῆμα] little phrase Ar. ῥηματίσκιον ου n. [dimin. ῥῆμα] sort of little phrase Pl. ῥήν ῥηνός m. [reltd. ἀρήν; cf. πολύρρην] | only acc.sg. ῥῆνα, dat. pl. ῥήνεσσι | lamb, sheep AR. ῥῆξαι (aor.inf.): see ῥήγνῡμι ῥηξηνορίη ης ep.Ion.f. [ῥηξήνωρ] strength to break the enemy Od. ῥηξ-ήνωρ ορος masc.adj. [ῥήγνῡμι, ἀνήρ] breaker of men (epith. of Achilles, ref. either to killing of individuals or to breaking of enemy ranks) Hom. Hes. Demosthenes) Aeschin. 2 (of a person) practising rhetoric, good at oratory Isoc. Pl. Arist. ῥητορικῶς adv. in the manner of an orator, rhetorically Pl. Aeschin. Arist. Plu. ῥητός ή όν vbl.adj. [εἴρω2; ἐρῶ] 1 (of persons) spoken of, famed Hes. 2 (of a payment, a reward, a sum of money) stated, specified Il. Th.; (of a time, a day) Hdt. +; ἐπὶ ῥητοῖς on fixed terms Hdt. E. + 3 (of things) that may be spoken of or said, speakable (opp. what must be kept secret or unspoken) Trag. Isoc. D. Men.; (ref. to what may be said w. propriety or decency) S. D.; ( . ., ref. to what ought not to be spoken of, or cannot be adequately described) S. E.; that may be expressed in language, expressible Pl. 4 (of an answer) express, definite Plb. (math., of magnitudes and quantities) rational Pl. ῥητῶς adv. expressly, distinctly Plb. ῥήτρᾱ ᾱς Ion. ῥήτρη ης f. 1 verbal agreement Od. Call. 2 prescribed code of conduct, ordinance X. 3 (at Sparta) Rhetra (the unwritten law-code of Lycurgus) Plu.; (more gener.) decree, ordinance Tyrt. Plu. ῥήτωρ ορος m. 1 public speaker, orator Pl.; proposer ( . . burs tip o thro 2 bu 3 re ῥησι- ῥῆσις talk 2 (co 3 sp 4 de Ῥῆσο Tro ῥήσσ ῥητέ ῥη Pl. ῥητή ῥητῑ ΄ν ῥητο 2 (co ῥητο 2 || ῥητο the Arist Dem 2 (o Arist ῥη Aesc ῥητό Hes. 2 (o Il. Th 3 (o ὠμέγα [types of documents that interest me] Sunday, 21 October 12
  2. typeface design is a mirror [to the way people communicate

    with texts, and the people involved] Sunday, 21 October 12
  3. [© image of a manuscript with generous use of colour

    and uniform hierarchy ] Sunday, 21 October 12
  4. 4.2 Globalisation and a rethinking of documents [longform writing booms;

    paragraph- level typography evolves] Sunday, 21 October 12
  5. All  must  quit   talking  while  Fred   plays  jazz

     vibes   Cambria Sunday, 21 October 12
  6. All  must  quit   talking  while  Fred   plays  jazz

     vibes   Calibri Sunday, 21 October 12
  7. All  must  quit   talking  while  Fred   plays  jazz

     vibes   Candara Sunday, 21 October 12
  8. 100 Ultra Light only > 60 mm 200 Light pullquotes

    300 Light-ish nothing 400 Regular Body text 500 Medium Subheadings Sunday, 21 October 12
  9. a grounded opinion, on top of an impulse [creativity becomes

    worthwhile when it is supported by research and reflection] Sunday, 21 October 12