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Helvetica is dead!

Gerry Leonidas
October 20, 2016

Helvetica is dead!

From the point when typefaces became independent commercial products, myth and constructed identities have been integral parts of every successful design. No other typeface exemplifies this as well as Helvetica. While meaningful a few decades ago, the excessive use of the typeface in recent years make it very clear that its time has passed: it works badly for our typesetting needs, and will perform even worse in the coming years. The documents and environments we use today have exceeded the design space of Helvetica: a new concept for a sans family is needed. Indeed, many designers are placing bets on what the next phase in the development of sans serifs will be. Speaking from a typographic perspective, Gerry shows why Helvetica as we know it is bankrupt, and lay out a blueprint for a competent typeface family to replace it. He may be showing some good candidates.

Gerry Leonidas

October 20, 2016

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  1. Helvetica est mort! Gerry Leonidas

  2. materiality community memory typemaking
 typesetting distribution
 networks content

  3. Document structures Technology of reproduction Friction surrounding innovation

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  9. • investment to start • risk of using tools •

    risk for deltas • risk of distribution • risk of marketing risk = time + effort + opportunity cost
  10. Stable documents 
 and expensive, slow technologies 
 favour stable

    type styles 
 with long lives, and 
 marginal variations
  11. Dynamic reading environments 
 and cheap/free technologies 
 enable experimentation

    in styles
 and a volatile, 
 supply-driven market
  12. 1900 1953 1919 1968 1933 2000 2016 1985

  13. http://futurehrtrends.eiu.com/report-2015/profile-of-the-global-workforce-present-and-future/

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  23. Modernity was debunked 
 a generation ago

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  25. [a reminder on modularity]

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  30. [insert boring slide with: - OEM fonts - Frutiger and

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  50. A family built around 
 good typography at paragraph level

    and rich hierarchies in a range of sizes
  51. text that sets to 
 be read fluently 

    even spacing
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 be read fluently 

    even spacing
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  55. types that are designed 
 for a range of sizes

    types designed for a range of sizes
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  64. epilogue: new typeface design as a cultural statement

  65. thank you @gerryleonidas