Beginning ClojureScript: How not to learn a new language

Beginning ClojureScript: How not to learn a new language

Talk I gave at Sydney's Clojure meetup about my experience of learning ClojureScript.


Greg Goltsov

October 03, 2017


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    Beginning ClojureScript How not to learn a new language @gregoltsov
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    — Re-frame — A lot of JS intro with Leaflet.js

    Translating to JS is annoying to begin with, but Figwheel kicks in. DB as a global state + no args events for super-quick prototyping.
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    — Re-com + re-frisk — Crazy fast for building interfaces.

    No more CSS hate. Hard to style nicely. Global state + re-frist = happiness.
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    Do not seek to follow in the footsteps of the

    wise; seek what they sought — Matsuo Basho
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    1 hour daily “one small improvement” rewarding 3 hours every

    Saturday huge leap daunting, feeling behind Consistency >> Inspiration
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    Decent resources Lambda Island, helps with JS intro CLJSJS for

    importing JS libraries re-frame-template for general awesomeness Clojure for Brave and True — great learning book Parens of the Dead — funky way of learning CLJS — Because “imagine everyone's naked” is terrible advice.