TwoBinPack - Scala architecture for two-dimensional packing

TwoBinPack - Scala architecture for two-dimensional packing

Operations Research is the science and art of solving practical - often very difficult - problems with mathematical elegance, minimalism and efficiency.

Two-dimensional packing consists of paramount, well-known classes of problems that can arise in a wide variety of contexts - from warehouse stocking to cargo loading, or wood craftsmanship and page layouts, ...

TwoBinPack is a comprehensive Scala architecture, employing hybrid OOP-FP techniques, designed to interactively tackle the above problems and study - via dedicated, extensible analytics tool - how they are usually solved by people, therefore enabling both practical solving and long-term statistical analysis, to gather further insight on the topic.

Last but not least, it is my MSc project in Computer Engineering! ^__^

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Gianluca Costa

December 19, 2016