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Yet another Continuous Delivery talk - Incontro DevOps 2021

Yet another Continuous Delivery talk - Incontro DevOps 2021

Continuous Delivery practices applied to a multi-cloud product born in 2013, through constant evolution of the pipelines to deliver software reliably and manage operations without fear.

Giovanni Toraldo

September 28, 2021

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  1. © Engineering Yet another Continuous Delivery talk Giovanni Toraldo /

    Solution Developer Engineering D.HUB Incontro Devops 2021 #idi2021 CONTINUOUS DELIVERY
  2. © Engineering About me Open source Remote-first software developer /

    devops Solution developer in Engineering D.HUB Often teleported into the 14th century 🛡⚔🎯 CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / BIO Giovanni Toraldo
  3. © Engineering About Cloudesire Whitelabel marketplace SaaS billing Channel management

    IaaS, PaaS, SaaS catalog 2012 - R&D project 2013 - Cloudesire.com 2016 - Tim Venture seed 600K 2020 - Engineering acquisition CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / BIO
  4. © Engineering Antipatterns are everywhere – Manual deployments are a

    waste of time – Infrequent deployments cause late feedback – Manual configuration of environments leads to configuration drift – Manual testing leads to regressions – Can we do better? CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / THEORY
  5. © Engineering What Continuous Delivery can do – Short cycles

    – Reliability – Early feedback – Market pressure – Customer satisfaction CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / THEORY
  6. © Engineering Backlog ‒ One place for high-level issues (epic,

    stories) ‒ Focus on describing the problem you want to solve, not solutions • Developers knows what is good for you ‒ Prioritization as a contract with stakeholders ‒ Commit for a plan and try to stick with it (#noestimates) ‒ Current status should be transparent • Feedback to non-developers when releases happens • Meetings are ok but everyone happy and no meetings is better CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  7. © Engineering Automated testing / TDD – Probably the most

    underrated practice for achieving velocity ‒ Writing tests is HARD for newcomers ‒ Maintaining test suites is HARD for everyone (e.g.: flappers) ‒ Still, it’s worth the time ‒ Optimize build times to avoid slow feedback ‒ Tests give hints on how a function should work CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  8. © Engineering Continuous integration ‒ Treat it like your best

    friend, you can rely on it ‒ Ensure that you are not going to break everything in a single move ‒ Repetitive tasks belongs to here • Compile code • Execute regression tests • Generate documentation • Publish new artifacts CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  9. © Engineering Code reviews ‒ Spot bugs before reaching users

    ‒ Share ownership and abandon blame culture ‒ Meet specifications ‒ Keep the bar high ‒ Written trail of design decisions ‒ Asynchronous feedback ‒ Mentor juniors without doing anything special CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  10. © Engineering Packaging / Distribution ‒ A strict requirement for

    automated releases ‒ Every commit is a release candidate ‒ Standard packaging (e.g. Docker) ‒ Central artifacts repository (Nexus, Artifactory) • Accessible from all the execution environments CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  11. © Engineering Automated releases ‒ Every environment should be a

    prod-like environment • Have at least a test environment for every prod environment ‒ Repeatable procedures reusable in every environment ‒ Rollback should be easy as a standard release ‒ Releases should be tracked somewhere (GIT, CI) ‒ Releases must not affects customers CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  12. © Engineering Feedback loop ‒ Automatic deployment to one prod-like

    environment ‒ Release daily on staging environments ‒ Ask for explicit feedback after changes from tester/QA/stakeholders ‒ Meaningful and searchable application logs ‒ Proactively monitor exceptions and errors CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  13. © Engineering Infrastructure as code ‒ Forgot SSH commands or

    clicking buttons ‒ Repeatable procedures ‒ Standardization ‒ Objects Inventory ‒ Document without actually writing documentation CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  14. © Engineering Microservices architectures ‒ Maintaining a unique codebase has

    exponential difficulty • Divide et impera ‒ Requires a trained release pipeline ‒ Avoid repeating yourself via: • Boilerplate projects • Shared libraries • Automated updates • DOCUMENTATION CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / PRACTICES
  15. © Engineering Github ‒ GIT repository hosting ‒ Lightweight issue

    management • There is a label for everything • Type: Bug, new feature, change feature, operations, devops • Priority: P1, P2, P3, P4 • Effort: light, medium, high, epic • Workflow: in-progress, ready-for-staging, test, ready, awaiting-feedback, blocked • Topic: UI/UX, billing, ERP... • Customer • Stalebot that warns and close inactive issue for more than 3 months ‒ Documentation as markdown files ‒ Planning via weekly milestones • Internal dashboard to track milestones progress CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  16. © Engineering Dependabot ‒ Automatic dependencies updates for your repositories

    on Github ‒ PR get opened automatically with changelog between versions ‒ Triggered weekly by a schedule on early monday • PR are already built and ready to be merged ‒ Security updates with links to CVEs ‒ Supports most dependency management tools and Dockerfile ‒ Enabled on all repositories via Terraform CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  17. © Engineering .github/dependabot.yml version: 2 registries: maven-internal-releases: type: maven-repository url:

    https://repo.cloudesire.com/repository/internal username: ${{secrets.MAVEN_USER}} password: ${{secrets.MAVEN_PASS}} updates: - package-ecosystem: maven directory: /cloudesire-root schedule: interval: weekly day: sunday registries: - maven-internal-releases assignees: - gionn - malteo - package-ecosystem: docker directory: /cloudesire-root/cmw schedule: interval: weekly day: sunday assignees: - gionn - malteo CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  18. © Engineering CircleCI ‒ Cloud CI services better than in-house:

    • Scalability • Predictable pricing ‒ Batteries included compared to Jenkins ‒ A bit of downsides: • Not so configurable (e.g. tests parallelization) • Can’t add new projects via API • Docker integration slightly cumbersome since beginning ‒ Reuse pipeline configuration via ORB CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  19. © Engineering Sonar (static analysis) ‒ Catch bugs automatically ‒

    Discovery and learn (why is this an issue?) ‒ Enforce standards (quality gates) ‒ Applied systematically for every project ‒ Reports integrated in PR (developer edition) ‒ Security audits (Hotspots) CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  20. © Engineering Terraform (Infrastructure as code) ‒ Supports many providers:

    • Iaas: AWS, Azure, GCP, ... • Saas: Cloudflare, Github, ... • API: Vault, ... ‒ Follow common development workflow • PR • Code review • CI pipelines CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  21. © Engineering Chef (configuration management) ‒ Still the configuration management

    tool after 8+ yrs ‒ Provision new production environment in 30 minutes • script to generate new chef environments ‒ Nightly integration tests on cloud infrastructure ‒ Provision can run from CI or developers box CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  22. © Engineering Graylog ‒ Centralized logs collection • Applications via

    GELF • Syslog • Docker logs ‒ Elasticsearch monthly indexes • configurable retention ‒ Full-text search on every field, cross-environment CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  23. © Engineering Sentry ‒ Push applications exceptions via API ‒

    Aggregate similar exceptions ‒ Mark as Resolved • Flagged as regression if found again ‒ Mark as Ignored for n time ‒ Searchable ‒ Slack integration • Each component in a different channel • Only for new errors, regressions or repeated errors in a timeframe CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / TOOLING
  24. © Engineering Step 1: open a release PR on ops

    repo via Merger script ‒ Select which chef environment you want to update ‒ Iterate on all the platform components installed on the environment to: • Retrieve the latest successful build of master branch on CircleCI • Compare build number with currently installed docker image version • CI deploy jobs tag docker images with build number • If a new version is available, compare current and previous commit-id on Github • Parse commits to search for PR and referenced github issues ‒ Open a pull request with version changes on chef environment • Branch name is always `release-envName` • PR body contains the changelog for every components and links to issue • Issues are linked via a redirector domain to avoid references spam CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / RELEASE
  25. © Engineering Step 2: PR review, approve, merge, provision ‒

    Follows the standard development workflow (review, approve, merge) ‒ When building master, CI pipeline detect if the built commit is: • A release PR generated by Merger • A generic PR with a label `deploy/envName` ‒ Run Chef sequentially on all the nodes of the environment CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / RELEASE
  26. © Engineering Step 3: profit ‒ If the release fails,

    the CI send an email to release owners and exceptions are pushed to sentry/slack ‒ If the release is successful: • The release PR get labeled as `deployed` and a comment is left with the link of the build • Every referenced issue in the release PR body receive a comment stating that a release is just happened • If the referenced issue had a label: • `workflow/ready-for-staging` is replaced by `workflow/test` • `workflow/ready` the issue is closed CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / RELEASE
  27. © Engineering Release schedule via CircleCI ‒ Release PR are

    automatically opened following a weekly schedule: • Main staging environment every weekday until friday • Main demo environment on friday, copying main staging versions • Main production environment on monday, copying main demo versions • Secondary (clients) staging environment on different day of the week, copying main production versions • Secondary (clients) production environment on different days of the week, copying from their staging environment CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / RELEASE
  28. © Engineering Wrap-up ‒ Continuous delivery is a game changer

    when developing products ‒ Try to continuously improve, one step at a time ‒ Automate all the things CONTINUOUS DELIVERY / SUMMARY