Forget everything you know about testing, and start testing!

9f95093d7c02ff3e301eb50df7c6b72a?s=47 David Gomez
November 06, 2013

Forget everything you know about testing, and start testing!


David Gomez

November 06, 2013


  1. YUI CONF 2013 TALK

  2. David Gomez in

  3. Forget everything you know about testing... and start testing!

  4. with Yahoo Search Front End Platform starring YUI as The

    Awesome Library Mojito as Itself
  5. meeting or closer

  6. Testing with Philosophy Chapter I

  7. When tradition takes over it it blocks our access to

    the sources from which the concepts have been drawn. It makes us forget they had and origin, and makes us suppose that going back to these sources is something we need not even understand.
  8. A change of the world presupposes a change of the

    conception of the world. That conception is only obtained by a sufficient interpretation.
  9. Unlearn what you’ve been taught...

  10. The Usual Suspects Chapter II

  11. unit smoke regression functional integration load stress performance xUnit BDD

    Test Suite Test Case Test Method Assertion Feature Scenario Definition Specs The Usual Suspects
  12. Not everybody shares the same concepts as you...

  13. Find new meaning for old concepts

  14. Why do we test? Chapter III

  15. Modern software is increasingly complex

  16. Time is always against us...

  17. Why we don’t test? Chapter IV

  18. Overconfidence...

  19. Not enough support...

  20. Tests are an obstacle...

  21. We just don’t care...

  22. None
  23. None
  24. None
  25. Why wasn’t this bug caught?

  26. It will happen to you...

  27. How do we test? Chapter V

  28. Find the Critical Path

  29. Test soon, test often

  30. Testing Mantra Know yourself (your code, your app) Find your

    own path (critical) Mindful practice (test, test, test!)
  31. What kind of test? Chapter VI or The Usual Suspects,

    the Remake
  32. Unit “First Line of Defense” Tests

  33. Unit “First Line of Defense” Tests (as Design Documents) •

    Cucumber ( • Technology Compatibility Kit • Implementation Independent features Scenario: Two-parameter step Given a scenario with: """ Given a calculator When the calculator adds up "12" and "51" Then the calculator returns "63" """ When Cucumber runs the scenario with steps for a calculator Then the scenario passes
  34. Smoke “Bullet Proof Vest” Tests

  35. Functional “Matrix” Tests

  36. Load and Stress “Three Inch Punch” Tests

  37. Performance “Speedy Gonzalez” Tests

  38. Don’t test on the real environment...

  39. Regression “Circle of Trust” Tests

  40. End to End “Blade Runner” Tests

  41. Tests and You Epilogue or To the Future and Beyond

  42. Find a testing strategy that works for you...

  43. Tests will protect you...

  44. The future: Testing Patterns?

  45. Tests will become your best friends...

  46. David Gomez