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Cloud Based Strategy for Efficiency

Cloud Based Strategy for Efficiency



April 12, 2019

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  1. who am I? Masaki Fujimoto • CTO, GREE, Inc. (since

    2005 / 13 years) • 39 years old
  2. Hype Cycle (2014, 2017) “Cloud Computing”: 幻滅期 → 啓蒙活動期へ from:

    https://gartner.co.jp/press/html/pr20140903-01.html https://gartner.co.jp/press/html/pr20171003-01.html
  3. Data Management Efficiency (and/or Productivity) = That’s what we (should)

    do 1. Strategy 2. Governance 3. Data Accessor 4. Data Integration 5. Data Source
  4. objective - do not care about “cloud” or not -

    “efficiency”, “productivity” win - (in most cases, cloud is faster)
  5. Inter-Cloud-Integration 1 Software Dominates Technologies 2 e.g. AI provides insights

    (for each *vertical* domains) 3 Choose *open* clouds 4 That’s what *we == human* should do
  6. wrap up 1 cloud services are now *default* option (at

    least from TCO point of view) 2 data management is for the efficiency/productivity (of the business strategy) 3 utilize cloud service features, and integrate them (-> choose open, API based services) 4 do some better practices