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Kubernetes-Native CI/CD with Tekton

Kubernetes-Native CI/CD with Tekton

A (very) short overview of the current state of Tekton Pipelines, and why you should bother.

Yorgos Saslis

May 13, 2020

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  1. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis ...what Serverless CI looks like Kubernetes-Native

    CI/CD with Tekton Yorgos Saslis Software Delivery Engineer @ Red Hat @gsaslis 1
  2. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 2 Why should I bother?

  3. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis Serverless CI Kubernetes-Native CI/CD with Tekton

  4. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis Kubernetes-Native CI/CD with Tekton Serverless CI

    4 HypeOverflowException: There is always a server. No Jenkins Master Kubernetes API Server CustomResource Definitions (CRDs)
  5. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 5 How do I use it?

  6. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 6 Kubernetes-Native CI/CD with Tekton YAML.

    A sh*tload of YAML
  7. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 7 Kubernetes-Native CI/CD with Tekton Main

    Tekton Entities YAML YAML YAML YAML YAML
  8. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 8 Show me a Pipeline

  9. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 9 UI

  10. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 10 Pipeline.yaml

  11. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 11 task.yaml

  12. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 12 Should I bother?

  13. Yorgos Saslis - @gsaslis 13 Kubernetes-Native CI/CD with Tekton Yes,

    soon.* • No Jenkins master. • Portability, finally. • Flexibility to orchestrate compute workload. • Standardization • OSS + Openly-governed * (if you are on k8s)
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