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Ethereum Contracts: the Future of Open Source

Ethereum Contracts: the Future of Open Source

Ethereum (Smart) Contracts are programs that run on the Ethereum Virtual Machine. They are written in high-level languages (e.g. Solidity) and compiled to bytecode for execution on the EVM.

Ethereum is an open source, globally decentralized computing infrastructure that executes smart contracts. It uses a blockchain to synchronize and store the system’s state changes, along with a cryptocurrency called ether to meter and constrain execution resource costs.

These slides were used in a quick lightning talk I gave at the virtual DevStaff meetup (https://www.meetup.com/devstaff/events/280516827/) on September 9, 2021, to share why I think Ethereum Contracts pave a bright future for open source.

Yorgos Saslis

September 10, 2021

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  1. … as if anyone can predict the future, come on…

    Ethereum Contracts: The future of open source Yorgos Saslis | @gsaslis | Open (Source) Enthusiast. So ft ware Cra ft sman
  2. Disclaimer This talk is not about crypto, bitcoin or how

    to get rich or die trying… 2 Photo by: Sarah P fl ug
  3. yorgos saslis 3 community clean code open source automation

  4. Is it *really* Open Source? What server does the code

    run in? How is the code compiled / interpreted? How is it run? 4 Is there such a thing as an open source service?
  5. But ! 5

  6. run the same version of the source code? 6 what

    if “everyone” COULD: AGREE on outcome of running the code?
  7. Smart* Contracts 7 Ethereum Contracts offer the solution *Only as

    smart as their creators.
  8. What if Nobody could compete 
 with you using

    closed source code? 8
  9. What if EVERYONE’s SOURCE CODE WAS OPEN? Photo by Sarah

    P fl ug from Burst 9
  10. Today: 
 Open Source is the default 10 tomorrow:

 We can make it the only option
  11. Yorgos Saslis Open (Source) Enthusiast 
 So ft ware Cra

    ft sman 11 twitter.com/gsaslis linkedin.com/in/gsaslis yorgo@protonmail.com github.com/gsaslis Thanks