Instrumenting Your Mobile Monitoring Strategy

Instrumenting Your Mobile Monitoring Strategy

Delivered at Xamarin Evolve 2016


Greg Shackles

April 27, 2016


  1. Instrumenting Your Mobile Monitoring Strategy Greg Shackles Principal Engineer, Olo

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  8. What to measure?

  9. Standard Issue Metrics Screen hits OS version App version Device

    type Session duration
  10. What else can we look at?

  11. How long are your users waiting?

  12. 60% Source: Forrester, November 2014 rate performance and response time

    as their primary app expectation, ahead of features and functionality
  13. Network Request duration Request success rate Request frequency Bandwidth usage

    Network types
  14. Performance Time to interactivity Memory usage Battery usage Database call

    duration Cache hits/misses
  15. How is the app being used? Beyond Performance

  16. Behavior Define your own meaningful metrics Time to complete critical

    flows Example: cart abandonment rate In-app actions
  17. Real Insights Are they using that new feature you love?

    Safe to remove old functionality? Improvements/regressions across releases A/B testing
  18. How to monitor?

  19. HockeyApp

  20. Let’s Code

  21. Questions? Greg Shackles Principal Engineer, Olo @gshackles