Information schemas & datasets discovery: crossroads for cross-domain applications

Information schemas & datasets discovery: crossroads for cross-domain applications

Over the recent years, the research world has faced significant changes in the way of conducting standard work flows. These changes reflect on a growth of dataset provision through different platforms and systems. As research becomes more interdisciplinary, the challenges of providing datasets and other research objects in a homogeneous way are arduous. Ontologies and other information schemas have been used to bring solution to this homogeneity issue, most known as information integration, and the Libraries, Archives and Museums fields, as well as their digital equivalents, have exhibited noteworthy activity in this research area, from both theoretical and practical sides. This talk will highlight the challenging areas in information integration and will provide an overview of some available solutions for cross-domain applications.

Presentation in the Simulation and Data Science Colloquium, Tuesday 26 June 2018 at The Cyprus Institute – Novel Technologies Building, 1st Floor Events Room, Athalassa Campus.


Giannis Tsakonas

June 26, 2018