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Technical Writing 101

Technical Writing 101

These are the slides for my talk to the Dev Careers interns looking to start out in technical writing.

shedrack akintayo

September 11, 2020

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  1. Technical Writing 101 @coder_blvck

  2. ABOUT ME @coder_blvck

  3. Forms of Technical writing • Blogging • White Papers •

    Documentation • Articles • Tutorials.
  4. Personal Technical Writing Advice • Before you start writing, create

    an outline and build up your story from the outlines. • Do not write about something you do not understand yet. • Make “research” if you are new to the topic. • DO NOT plagiarise content. • If you need to use someone else's words, always give credit and provide reference. • Don’t be pressured to start writing. • One of the ways to get better as a software developer is to teach people what you know.
  5. A Technical Writer Toolbox • Dictionary • Grammarly • Hemmingway

    • Another person’s eyes
  6. Platforms you can practice writing on • Medium • Dev.to

    • Hashnode • Hacknews • Freecodecamp blog
  7. Paid Technical Writing Programs • Smashing Magazine • LogRocket •

    Digital Ocean • Auth0 • Find more here
  8. Important Links • Google Technical Writing Course • Learning Resources

    from write the docs • Write the docs slack