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2013 CEEB Retreat presentation on graphing

2013 CEEB Retreat presentation on graphing


April 13, 2013

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  1. On building a better
    So (mostly stolen) thoughts on making
    graphs speak

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  4. Four principles of better plotting:
    1. Use higher data-ink ratios
    2. Be honest about uncertainty
    3. Make visual information
    4. Make use of small multiples

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  11. Original

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  12. ColorBrewer: Finding a colour
    scheme that works:

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  22. Further reading
    Tufte: All of his books, but start with:
    The Visual Display of Quantitative Information
    Gelman: Red State, Blue State and his blog:
    Wickham: The site: ggplot2.org and his book: ggplot2:
    Elegant Graphics for Data Analysis
    Testing colourblindness: the VisCheck site & Plugin: http:

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