Morality and Ethics in Software: Can it be measured?

Morality and Ethics in Software: Can it be measured?

Software drives everything. What drives software is algorithms. We have been able to measure how "good" or "bad" a piece of software is by various metrics as done by the Prospector project. Is there a higher level of consideration around the the ethical basis of software and contrasting that with the morality of software and algorithms. How should developers be driven when it comes to crafting ethical solutions if the morality of the developer is challenged and vice versa? Is there an absolute moral code for developers? Ethical codes are crafted in many professions but there aren't moral codes. Is that an oversight. This talk will explore the nuances of ethics and morals and propose some mental strategies in navigating these. It is not meant to be exhaustive nor definitive. There does not seem to be much by way of research in this field and one of the outcomes of this talk is to trigger the discussion and potentially finding a way to quantify, measure and perhaps act on being ethical and moral in software development.


Harish Pillay

August 20, 2019