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Alexa Days 2017 Alexa and AVS

Alexa Days 2017 Alexa and AVS

Presentation of AlexaDays 2017 in Japan
16 branches in jaws-ug and AWS KRUG collaboration.

Sorry, one of demo movie can not provide.



May 17, 2017

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  1. What is ... TiNm’S

  2. Who am I ? TiNm’S Tomoharu Ito Freelance Programmer. (I

    will move to Netherlands at this july!! ) Ruby On Rails and AWS. Love Kana Hanazawa (She is a voice actor) Belong to .. JAWS-UG KOBE
  3. JAWS-UG KOBE TiNm’S • Atsushi Ando • Kazuto Takeshita •

    Tomoharu Ito Facebook community https://www.facebook.com/groups/450069605016080/ Doorkeeper https://jaws-ug-kobe.doorkeeper.jp/
  4. What can we do by using

  5. Amazon Echo Commercials Lock/Unlock your home. Turn on/off the lights.

    Listen today’s news( or other RSS) Jokes Order flight tickets Booking a hotel etc….
  6. I can’t explain! Anyway, You can do everything by your

  7. Is it not so far? TiNm’S

  8. Alexa is beginning in Japan already...

  9. Alexa is beginning in Japan already... Sorry, this demo movie

    is not show.
  10. You can not avoid the flow. TiNm’S

  11. What is...

  12. Friendship to Echo & Alexa Device Component

  13. Alexa ecosystem

  14. Alexa Voice Service You can implement alexa to your device.

  15. TiNm’S

  16. TiNm’S REST is Endpoint of

  17. Which do i begin ? But …..

  18. 1 build the prototype sample https://github.com/alexa/alexa-avs-sample-app/wiki/Raspberry-Pi https://github.com/jaws-ug-kobe/AlexaPi http://qiita.com/haruharuharuby/items/8d4c83423cbfe13c9121

  19. 2 read the official document. https://developer.amazon.com/public/solutions/alexa/alexa-voice-service/content/avs-api- overview

  20. How to track new information about Alexa.

  21. Amazon.com blog https://developer.amazon.com/ja/blogs/tag/alexa

  22. track Sparkgene http://sparkgene.hatenablog.com/

  23. Slack http://www.alexaslack.com/

  24. Thank you TiNm’S TiNm’S ito@tinms.net