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Alexa Warming Up my Live Stream!

Alexa Warming Up my Live Stream!


November 20, 2021

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  1. Who Am I?
 Tomoharu Ito (hugtech.io) 
 Twitter: @haruharuharuby

 Alexa Champion 2017 
 Living in Netherlands 

  2. What is GA-YA?
 The term "gaya-geinin" refers to people who

    work around the main performers in variety shows to warm up the scene. Comedians often play this role, and are sometimes referred to as "Gaya-Geinin”. It's also called GAYA that is performed by backyard effector, composer, or similar kind of machines.
  3. Problem in my experience in LiveStream - It is difficult

    to warm up audience, isn’t it? - It is hard to control situation in the online meetup by alone, isn’t it? I’d like to be free from one of these concerns.
  4. - It is difficult to warm up audience, isn’t it?

 ==> Can I this problem make it automated?
  5. Create Channel
 When you try to build the channel on

    Ireland region (eu-west-1). TimedMetadata can not use on this region. So You need to specify AWS Region Virginia(us-east-1) or Oregon(us-west-2).
  6. Amplify init (Frontend)
 It will be completed in 10 minutes

    to make CI/CD pipeline with Amplify. Superb!
  7. Make Effect with p5js
 It placed this js file on

    S3 and deliver through cloudfront. https://resources.hugtech.io/js/fuhahahahaha.js