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It's Alive: Designing in the browser with Sass

Chris Michel
February 25, 2014

It's Alive: Designing in the browser with Sass

This deck runs through a Sass workflow for modern web design. We shouldn't be designing a complete system in Photoshop anymore. People want to be able to interact with the design and we shouldn't be doing things twice. Find awesome Sass and Compass tools that fit within your workflow, visit www.sache.in to find or submit your own!

Chris Michel

February 25, 2014

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  3. FROM A Hi, I’m Chris @hatefulcrawdad

  4. Santa Cruz

  5. Santa Cruz

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  7. A NEW PROCESS for web design is born

  8. What’s the Process?

  9. Figure out the flow

  10. Example Sketch

  11. Decide on Content

  12. Quick Sketches

  13. None
  14. Blog home

  15. Blog post

  16. Code!

  17. TOOLS USED to kill pixel-perfect Photoshop

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  28. Thanks!