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Pythonic Naming (PyCon AU 2015 Lightning Talk)

Pythonic Naming (PyCon AU 2015 Lightning Talk)

Python needs a PEP for package naming.


Amber Brown (HawkOwl)

August 02, 2015


  1. Pythonic Naming PyCon Australia, 2015

  2. Hello, I’m Amber Brown (HawkOwl)

  3. Twitter: @hawkieowl

  4. None
  5. The biggest two problems in programming

  6. Cache invalidation

  7. Naming

  8. Off by one errors

  9. We need a PEP for Python names

  10. The regulation should be that the name should be:

  11. A common word (werkzeug is German, it counts)

  12. Easy to spell (parameeko? paramako?)

  13. Easy to pronounce
 (lol django???)

  14. A horrible pun.

  15. This is why Twisted is the best Python package on

  16. None
  17. the curses replacement: insults

  18. RPC framework: spread (made up of banana and jelly)

  19. The channel-esque package: Twisted Tubes

  20. live telnet/ssh debugger: manhole

  21. the Flask clone: Klein (a twisted flask is a klein

  22. the Django runner: Hendrix (a twisted Django Rinehart is Jimi

  23. dual-direction WebSockets: autobahn

  24. But some people are getting good on PyPI

  25. (not considering that the Cheeseshop itself is a Monty Python

  26. py2 x py3 compat: six

  27. internationalisation: babel

  28. process pooling: billiard

  29. Python interpreter written in Python: pypy

  30. SOAP client: suds


  32. I expect better from you all!

  33. If you write a client for elasticsearch, don’t call it

  34. don’t call it ‘elasticsearch’

  35. Call it ’stretchyadder’ (or something idk)

  36. Make it amusing!

  37. Make it a play on words! (extra points for obscurity)

  38. Make it really easy to Google

  39. Because nobody else but a Pythonista would call their pride

    and joy such a dumb name
  40. Keep Python Weird