Going Reactive with RxJava EXTENDED - @ jPrime Sofia 2016

Going Reactive with RxJava EXTENDED - @ jPrime Sofia 2016

Reactive programming is here to stay, so you might as well learn it!
It already made its mark on languages like Swift or C#, and now with major companies such as Netflix and Microsoft backing it up, it's time to do the same in Java. In this lecture we'll talk about RxJava library and how it can be used to make our applications more Reactive.
We'll peak into RxJava API a little bit, but more importantly, we'll focus on the concepts and the ideas that drive RxJava, and the value it adds to our applications.
Once we understand that, RxJava will be yet another great tool in our toolbox.


Hrvoje Crnjak

May 26, 2016