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Contributing to Zen, the CoderDojo Open Source Community Platform

Contributing to Zen, the CoderDojo Open Source Community Platform

Your guide to
contributing to Zen,
the CoderDojo
community platform.
Fully open source!

The CoderDojo Foundation

October 13, 2015

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  1. How to contribute to Zen, the CoderDojo community platform Fully

    open source
  2. What is CoderDojo? • Global movement of: ◦ free, ◦

    volunteer-led, ◦ community based programming clubs ◦ for young people aged 7-17 • Within the CoderDojo Movement there is a focus on: ◦ community, ◦ peer learning, ◦ project based work, ◦ youth mentoring and self led learning • 860+ clubs in 60+ countries
  3. Zen is our new community platform! • Search for your

    local Dojo • Administrate your Dojo • Profile pages for parents, mentors and youths • Administration section for CoderDojo Foundation staff to verify global clubs. • Bespoke ticketing system where parents and mentors can book tickets for their local club
  4. Zen includes a community forum and Over 13s forum which

    runs on NodeBB
  5. Why contribute? • Easy way to volunteer from home •

    Showcase your development skills • Learn from experienced developers in the tech industry • See peer coding reviews in real world scenario • Experience Continuous Integration in a real world scenario • Impact a global community of youths, parents and mentors!
  6. Technologies used Hosting, logging, code deployment! Reporting, automatic emails Communications

    Forums Open badges for displaying skills on profiles Google maps, recaptcha Logging Front end framework
  7. Technologies used Performance monitoring Version control, Issue management Localisation/translation Main

    coding language Database language Main framework Wireframing Unit testing
  8. Getting started • Visit the repository at http://bit.ly/coderdojo-zen ◦ cp-local-development

    repo for dev environment ◦ Contributing and architecture docs ◦ The “beginner” labelled issues are ideal for your first pull request ◦ “hints provided” label is also useful • If you need help getting set up, email us at info@coderdojo.com, we can help you remotely if you need! • We have our own Slack organisation which you can join if you get in touch: ◦ Two channels, one for alerts and one for development chat • Remote help and mentoring from Technical Lead at any time
  9. How to contribute: Assign yourself an issue

  10. Make sure you are up to date with master Check

    out a new branch with the issue name
  11. Start up your development environment

  12. Make code changes! Once saved your development environment will automatically

    refresh Template file Translations file
  13. Check your changes at localhost:8000

  14. Commit your changes, push your branch

  15. Open a pull request Once approved, it will be deployed

    as soon as possible
  16. Our top list of features • Automatic awarding of badges

    ◦ based on number of events attended • Collect more info about individual Dojos • Redesign of events section ◦ Make it more intuitive for parents/Dojo members to book tickets for events • A Dojo stats page so an individual Dojo Admin can see: ◦ the number of users, ◦ user types, and ◦ number of events attended
  17. Mozilla Open Badges can be awarded to youths and mentors

    through Zen!
  18. For non-coders! • We need translators! You can join CrowdIn

    to help: ◦ http://bit.ly/coderdojo-crowdin ◦ We even have Klingon, Pirate, and Lolcat • Get involved in the conversation about new features by: ◦ Discussing our issues tagged with “request for comments” ◦ Visiting the forum at http://forums.coderdojo.com and starting a conversation! • Help us manage issues by: ◦ Closing issues that are no longer relevant ◦ Confirming/debunking a bug that someone else has reported • Encourage your local Dojo to use the ticketing and badges features ◦ New badges being launched next week
  19. We’re hiring! • Technical and Education Content Lead ◦ Passionate

    about CoderDojo ◦ Proficient in coding languages typically used in Dojos ◦ Exceptional writing and communication experience Ask me for more info or visit http://bit.ly/coderdojo-content-lead
  20. Questions? ursula@coderdojo.org Repository http://bit.ly/coderdojo-zen Workshop to be held late January

    Follow us on Twitter @CoderDojo